1.8 Exaflops ki computing power: teslas supercomputer for autopilot

1.8 Exaflops Ki computing power: Teslas supercomputer for autopilot

Tesla shows the latest assessment of its own supercomputer, which is responsible for the training of the autopilot of all tesla vehicles. 720 nodes are used, each with eight a100 gpu accelerators from nvidia in the version with 80 gb hbm2e batch stores, ie 5760 gpus in total.

If you use all integrated tensor cores for ki calculation, there is a fp16 computing power of around 1.8 exaflops. The shader cores create just under 56 fp64 petaflops. Dear tesla include the own supercomputer in the top500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers, he currently came under the first ten systems. Private company systems have not been found there, but not.

Chemotherapy for pregnant women

Although the diagnosis of cancer in pregnancy is rare, it affects more and more women

One of the main reasons is the older age of the expectant mother. When their first child is born, women today are on average only a few years older than their mothers and grandmothers were. Overall, however, the reproductive phase is extending further and further back, so that the majority of children are now born to women over 30. However, with age, the risk of developing cancer also increases. Consequently, cancer is increasingly being diagnosed in pregnant women as well. Tendency increasing.

Formula 1: vettel leaves ferrari at the end of 2020

Formula 1: Vettel leaves Ferrari at the end of 2020

Sebastian vettel is said to leave the formula 1 team ferrari according to conforming media reports at the end of 2020. That reports among other things car, motor and sport in the night of tuesday (12. May 2020). Accordingly, the 32-year-olds from heppenheim will not demand his contract with scuderia and leave the italians six years after six years. Both sides could therefore not agree on a new contract, the step could be made public on tuesday. First, there was no confirmation for this purpose.

Leclerc is the future

So far, vettel hunted in vain to his dream after becoming a world champion with ferrari. In the 2019 season, he took the fold place in the driver’s world cup and had to give himself again the mercedes. Also his teammate charles leclec landed in front of him. The 22-year-old monegash signed a until the end of 2024 in 2019 before christmas 2019. Leclerc is the gross hope of the team for the future, which vettel supposedly last only one contract for another year should have been offered.

A trip in the new bmw 320i

A trip in the new bmw 320i

Hair, 27. November 2012 – how the times change: fruhe was the name 320i for a silky soft running, slightly passing two-liter six-cylinder, between 2000 and 2007 it was then a sixteen with 2.2 liters displacement. In the process of current three-row series, a four-cylinder worked in the 320i, which offered neither a well-sounding sound nor sparkling performance. At least at the last point, the bavaria made the latest three legs properly: a turbocharger should now be ensured for momentum from the speed cellar and a small consumption. Whether both succeed, we wanted to know at an exit.


Despite an empty weight of more than 1.5 tons accelerates the 320i flott. Its four-cylinder makes 184 hp at moderate 5000 / min. The maximum torque of 270 nm is between 1250 and 4500 revolutions. Who applies it, accelerates this threesome in 7.6 seconds from the stand to tempo 100, only at 235 km / h the highest speed is reached. The engine remains acoustically mostly in the background, which is very pleasant on fast motorway stages. The cooperation with the eight-speed automatic works very well: the shifts run soft and imperceptibly.

Jeff bezos flies on 20. July into space – with its own rocket

Jeff Bezos flies on July 20 into space - with its own rocket

For the 20. July plant blue origin his first manned flight into space. Six people can be there. Two of these seats will take jeff and mark bezos. This jeff bezos betrayed on monday. He became the land of amazon.Com one of the richest people in the world and has also launched blue origin.

"Since i was five years old, i believe that to fly into space", posted jeff bezos on instagram, "on 20. July i will do this trip with my brother. The big adventure, with my best friend." mark bezos was surprised that his old brother will be with the first manned start, and even surprised, even invited to be invited to be.

Projection surface for ideas and visions

Climbing through the berlin palace of the republic

Climbing in the middle of berlin, on a white hill directly at the schlossplatz, which rises out of the ruins of the palace of the republic? Before the last crude symbol of the gdr state is torn down this year, artists are taking over the direction there. In doing so, they are once again demonstrating an alternative to demolition and a possible use for the ruined palace, which in recent years has gained cult status as a venue for events.

Fashion online handler asos supersthop and other british brands

Fashion Online Handler Asos supersthop and other British brands

The british fashion online trade asos superspire the british fashion brands topshop, topman, miss selfridge and hiit for 265 million pounds (around 300 million euros) from the former retail giant arcadia. This also shows in the uk’s change to coarse online platforms in fashion trade.

Asos have already played an important role in the growth of online sales of these brands, explained the company in a message on monday. Since the new coronavirus sars cov-2 spread worldwide, they stepped up as a partner on asos root platform. This business wants to further expand this.

Dangerous defense of nato

Patriot missiles in turkey are supposed to be for defense only. But the militarization of the region is massively fueling the conflict

The fact that a geopolitically motivated proxy war is also taking place in syria is evident not only in the more or less open support for the armed parties, but also in the militarization of the surrounding regions. While nato is deploying patriot air defense systems in southwestern anatolia this week, the russian navy is conducting what officials say is the largest manover since the end of the soviet union not far from syria’s coast.


Offenbach, 13. August 2013 – a few years ago, the japanese contribution to the compact station wagon market was extremely limited. Until 2008, only mitsubishi still offered the lancer station wagon, which had recently become very outdated. But the high proportion of station wagons among the korean competition seems to attract the japanese. Following in toyota’s footsteps, honda is now introducing the civic tourer, a station wagon in the golf class.

Unconventional, but spacious

Honda presented a study of a civic station wagon at the geneva motor show in the spring of this year. Except for a few details, the production model resembles this concept car. The press department speaks of a "sporty, sleek and dynamic auberen". On a more sober note, the new rear end is, to put it mildly, a bit of an acquired taste. The civic tourer stands out visually from the more sedate german competition, which need not be a fault, because there are plenty of boring cars out there. Sales figures will show whether the look is compatible with the masses.

Valve steam deck: m.2 slot for ssd change in all handheld consoles

Valve Steam Deck: M.2 slot for SSD change in all handheld consoles

The mass storage in valves handheld console steam deck can not only be expanded by using a micro sd card. The company relies on an m.2 slot with pci express connection. In the two more expensive versions, this is occupied by a 512 or 256 gb of gross pcie ssd, which can be exchanged. The hook: it matches 30 mm short ssds (m.2230), which are hardly reliable in retail and relatively expensive.

In the most favorable variant for 420 euros this m is.2 slot also available, ex works but blank. Valve released 64 gb emmc memory. Who buys this version, can optionally be able to reduce a faster pcie ssd.