Automation platform kogito 1.8 has re-sorted the extensions

Kogito, a cloud-native platform for automating business execution, is in version 1.8 before. The team behind the open-source project has flanking to release matching editions of kogito tooling (version 0.11), kogito images, operator and the command-line interface (cli) published – the three latter under the same version number as the platform.

Dedicated extension for kogito-quarkus processes

Significant innovations relate to the runtime, which can now use a generic jdbc driver for an advanced persistence via add-on, including the support for mongodb and for postgresql is expanded according to blog entry. New is a dedicated extension for kogito processes in the quarkus runtimes (kogito quarkus processes), which is the existing platform extension for quarkus (kogito quarkus).

Who works with kogito, can now apparently the application.Properties use to address the drools knowledge builder properties. The dashboards intended for monitoring now provide the version number of the cogito runtime used, so it is possible to filter after versions. In addition, the release boundary error events support how to take the blog entry of the kogito editor kie.

Add-ons restructured

Another important innovation leads to a breaking change: the kogito team has re-structured the add-ons. If you have already used kogito so far, you may have to bring the existing dependencies to the new stand. To the kogito add-ons and changes made, the kogito project provides a guide to github, which blows out how the modules have recently organized and how they can be used. In addition, users can write their own add-ons and adding their projects, which extend the field of application of the platform and adjust to their own requirements.

Reference sources of artifacts and further indications

In addition to the platform, the physical artifacts are available in the most appropriate or updated form. So the kogito users and users can refer to maven central all runtime artifacts, see examples and images of quay.Download io. The new kogito operator for openshift and kubernet’s deployment of kogito services and infrastructure is available on operator stroke, and the latest kogito tooling package is available from visual studio marketplace.

All changes to the platform can be found in the release notes, a detailed changelog to the artifacts can be found at red hat, which supports the project.

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