Chemotherapy for pregnant women

Although the diagnosis of cancer in pregnancy is rare, it affects more and more women

One of the main reasons is the older age of the expectant mother. When their first child is born, women today are on average only a few years older than their mothers and grandmothers were. Overall, however, the reproductive phase is extending further and further back, so that the majority of children are now born to women over 30. However, with age, the risk of developing cancer also increases. Consequently, cancer is increasingly being diagnosed in pregnant women as well. Tendency increasing.

Apache software foundation raises hudi to the top level project

Apache Software Foundation raises Hudi to the Top Level project

The apache software foundation (asf) releases apache hudi from the incubator calls the tool for managing data lakes to the top-level project.

Developers who manage analytical records quickly on the hadoop distributed file system (hdfs) – or in cloud stores, with apache hudi, get a tool to help with the managing data lakes in the gross range of petabytes. Hudi supports companies while writing and reading rough quantities of raw data for stream processing. Dafur sets the storage management on distributed file systems (dfs) such as hdfs (hadoop distributed file system) or compatible cloud stores.

Driving report: maserati granturismo mc

Driving report: maserati granturismo mc

A car that is ten years on the market? In times of increasing development cycles is already worth a comment. However, we speak of the maserati gt from the emilia-romagna, where the watches go different anyway. After the maserati levante for the mass taste it is now called: back to the roots. "That’s a classic gt," says maserati. The italians look so confident that contradiction seems unthawl.

But that’s exactly considered that is a trimming of the facts. Because maserati granturismo was presented in 2007, is conceptually at least 14 years old. If you look closely, it falls up. The 4.92 meter long granturismo weighs 1873 kilograms. Intelligent lightweight construction? Material mix? There was something?