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Climbing through the berlin palace of the republic

Climbing in the middle of berlin, on a white hill directly at the schlossplatz, which rises out of the ruins of the palace of the republic? Before the last crude symbol of the gdr state is torn down this year, artists are taking over the direction there. In doing so, they are once again demonstrating an alternative to demolition and a possible use for the ruined palace, which in recent years has gained cult status as a venue for events.

Achorary revolt at toshiba

Achorary Revolt at Toshiba

The shareholders of the scandal-plagued japanese industrial group toshiba surpassed the chairman of the chairman of the company, osamu nagayama,. This is so unusual in japan. Observers evaluate this as a breakthrough to make japan’s scanned companies more transparent and accountable.

The deduction of nagayamas had preceded an independent examination. She has loud new york times uncovered that conductors of toshibas have worked with the japanese government to burst prere on investors. Accordingly, the toshiba group management council was worried about the plan of the in-singapore-accessible rough action effissimo capital management, to elect a new supervisory rate.

Exhaust emissions scandal: hesse to sue vw

Exhaust emissions scandal: hesse to sue vw

In the wake of the emissions scandal, hesse has joined bavaria in suing volkswagen for damages. The state had lost about 3.9 million euros due to the loss in value of volkswagen shares, hesse’s finance minister thomas schafer (cdu) explained on friday. The lawsuit should be filed with the braunschweig regional court in the coming days, she said. "Anyone who invests his money in shares must also accept losses. However, we do not have to accept losses caused by the fact that a joint stock company has violated its notification obligations. Vw has done so," said schafer.

Hesse reportedly held volkswagen shares until the emissions scandal came to light. They were part of a package of equipment for the country’s supply backlog. Around 2.2 percent of the shareholding had been affected.