Database: mongodb atlas jerks close to the google cloud

Database: Mongodb Atlas jerks close to the Google Cloud

The database provider mongodb has called together with google a new partnership that integrates the cloud offer mongodb atlas into the google cloud platform (gcp). The document-oriented database service gets direct integration into various services in the gcp as part of the partnership.

The atlas in the marketplace

Mongodb atlas has been as well as managed service of the database for quite some time in the google cloud as in amazon web services and microsoft azure. Since october 2020, the database company also offers a multi-cloud cluster to distribute the database over multiple clouds.

The new integration targets companies that process their data anyway in the google cloud. You can now refer to atlas directly over the marketplace of the internet treeties and manage the google cloud console. You will receive a summarized invoice for using the database and services from the google cloud.

Data warehouse, machine learning, serverless and co.

Due to the closer integration, developers can connect the database service directly with various services in the gcp, including the data warehouse bigquery, the machine learning framework tensorflow and the service for distributing and subscribing messages pub / sub.

In addition, google’s functions as a service service (faas) can use cloud functions directly with mongodb atlas. In addition, direct interfaces to dataproc, dataflow, cloud run, app engine and the google kubernetes engine (gke) exist. Finally, mongodb atlas should become a building block of google’s offer to transfer cobol applications for the mainframe in java applications.

Further details on the partnership and integration into the individual services can be found in the official envision.

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