Elon musk wants 500.000 starlink customers in one year

In one year, the satellite internet service starlink of spaceax spacex should have half a million customers. This goal has stated company boss elon musk on tuesday easy of mobile world congress’ (mwc). At the current beta test are therefore 69.000 users involved.

The construction of the starlink system proceeds. Already in august it should cover the coarse part of the world. This year, customers should access 25 countries. The monthly price amounts to 99 us dollars for unlimited use.

Even if starlink is to be able to use a mobile, musk does not seem competition to mobile network operators but as their assessment. There was no surprise, starlink for mobile usage of calling high prices.

According to earlier information, the polar regions should be provided at the end of the year. But even thousands of satellites still have to be brought into a low orbit to provide half a million customers with broadband internet from uber 100 mbps.

25 billion euros total costs

The total cost of the construction estimates musk to 20 to 30 billion us dollars (17 to 25 billion euros). Spatere profits musk in the development of his starship reinvest. The path to the profit zone currently block several horses, including the high cost for the final devices.

End customers pay for their shock velvet velvet wlan router 500 us dollars. Spacex, according to musk, must pay about twice the duplicate. To print these costs under the selling price, spacex builds its own factory for starlink satellite internet. The location is located in the us state of texas.

The mobile world congress is the most important international mobile communications fair. Last year, the mwc had to be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. This year, the organizer has decided again for a prasenz fair. However, the mwc has begun on monday without a rough name. Until thursday there is a mix of events on site and online printers. To the latter paid the appearance to musks.

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