Toyota shows yaris cross design line “advanture”

Toyota shows Yaris Cross design line'adventure''adventure'

Toyota wants to make the yaris cross, the crossover variant of his polo competitor yaris with salamitics. Before the market launch of the yaris cross in september, a second design variant name is now "advanture" implemented, but they should also come to the market only in the fall of 2021.

The yaris cross adventure has a suitable for a bulky name with even more extensive plastic planking to the cycling run. Also, the difference in front and the protective plate on the tailbone were allowed to carry in most optically badway suitability.After all, the yaris cross is different from the vw t-cross (driving report) or the seat arona (driving report) with four-wheel drive, which legitimizes him rather for the railing car optics. He also requires the most expensive hybrid drive from the yaris most competitors.

Premier edition "advanture"-base

For sales start, toyota brings a limited premiere edition based on the adventure variant. Leather seats, grasp 18-inch light metal roller, an electric tailgate with sensor control, a head-up display and two-color paint covers promises the toyota press department dafur. Also first information about the topinfotainment systemtoyota smart connect sends toyota in advance. It offers yaris cross a 9-inch multimedia display as well as cloud-based card updates, real-time traffic information and an online search for interesting places.

Toyota yaris cross adventure

Toyota shows Yaris Cross design line'adventure''adventure'

in the design line adventure shows the yaris cross more courage to plastic. Planked cycling are such a kind of three-day design for small cars.

Over the myt smartphone app, drivers of the more expensive yaris-cross variants can send target data to the navigation system in advance, the interior climate already regulate and unlock the vehicle from a distance from a distance. In the upscale equipment variant "elegant" is a parking tax assistant containing in the package with a 360-degree camera. The vehicle drive automatically in parkliges, the driver does not have to operate pedals or steering. From september 2021 the toyota yaris cross will come to the market. He is produced for the european market in the french plant valenciennes.

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