Audi rs6: clubsport version of mtm

Audi rs6: clubsport version of mtm

Baystents, 17. May 2010 – with 344,2 km / h in a mtm rs6 avant stop the tuner already the world record for serial combo. Now the rs6 should reach a peak of 350 km / h in a "club sports variant".

Performance weight: 2.65 kg / hp

The mtm rs6 clubsport got more power, on the other he became easier. The result: 730 hp, around 860 nm and weight just under 2 tons. In 3.6 s, the funfliter-biturbo-v10 in combination with a six-speed tiptronic should speed up the limousine to tempo 100. The 200 km / h brand should be achieved after eleven seconds.

Variable lowering

In order to achieve the 730 hp, the tuner has modified, among other things, the control unit. There are also an mtm stainless steel exhaust system with four tailpipes and flap control and changing the gear switch points. With a high adjustable mtm springs set, the rs6 club sports can be lowered between 10 to 45 mm. Alloy wheels are offered in 20 or 21 inches.


In the body modifications, the tuner with a carbon diffuser and a subtle carbon front spoiler lip. Who open the driver’s company, but sees that sportiness in the interior has replaced other serial comfort. Particularly striking: the catige for body reinforcement and the lack of resist seat. There are reca-peel seats and six-point straps.

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