Electric cars: just under 40.000 public charging points in germany

Electric cars: just under 40,000 public charging points in germany

39.358 public charging points are currently listed in the charging station register of the german association of energy and water industries (bdew); one seventh of these are dc fast chargers. This means that the number of charging points has increased by around 15,000 compared to december 2019.000, and by 3,800 in the last three months alone.

There has also been a significant increase in the expansion of private charging infrastructure, the bdew reported . According to the federal ministry of transport, since the start of the request program for private wallboxes at the end of november 2020, requests for more than 300,000 wallboxes have been submitted.000 wallboxes have been requested. This is significant, as more than 9 out of 10 charging processes have so far taken place at home or at work.


Offenbach, 13. August 2013 – a few years ago, the japanese contribution to the compact station wagon market was extremely limited. Until 2008, only mitsubishi still offered the lancer station wagon, which had recently become very outdated. But the high proportion of station wagons among the korean competition seems to attract the japanese. Following in toyota’s footsteps, honda is now introducing the civic tourer, a station wagon in the golf class.

Unconventional, but spacious

Honda presented a study of a civic station wagon at the geneva motor show in the spring of this year. Except for a few details, the production model resembles this concept car. The press department speaks of a "sporty, sleek and dynamic auberen". On a more sober note, the new rear end is, to put it mildly, a bit of an acquired taste. The civic tourer stands out visually from the more sedate german competition, which need not be a fault, because there are plenty of boring cars out there. Sales figures will show whether the look is compatible with the masses.

Toyota shows yaris cross design line “advanture”

Toyota shows Yaris Cross design line'adventure''adventure'

Toyota wants to make the yaris cross, the crossover variant of his polo competitor yaris with salamitics. Before the market launch of the yaris cross in september, a second design variant name is now "advanture" implemented, but they should also come to the market only in the fall of 2021.

The yaris cross adventure has a suitable for a bulky name with even more extensive plastic planking to the cycling run. Also, the difference in front and the protective plate on the tailbone were allowed to carry in most optically badway suitability.After all, the yaris cross is different from the vw t-cross (driving report) or the seat arona (driving report) with four-wheel drive, which legitimizes him rather for the railing car optics. He also requires the most expensive hybrid drive from the yaris most competitors.


Vienna, 8. December 2014 – this city on the black sea, in which i like to balance myself, is less carried out by traffic than a moving particle system. This is in its lowest form of old shigulis, which we were identified here muhelos as fiat 124. The italian communism connection of the khrushchov-ara allows fiat subscription products in the russian district category samara in the mid-sixties. The then fiat-prasident valetta (giovanni agnellis process) got the order in 1966 to which renault and volkswagen had also applied: fiat moge build a factory with a performance of daily 2000 passenger cars and operate a while. Togliattigrad, named after the italian communist carryer palmiro togliatti, was stambed from the ground immediately after signing of the contract. Even today, the even in the east is made barely scattered lada small cars priora and kalina. As far as drawing on financial experts follows, bankruptcy is inevitable. Renault, which has a blocking minority of 25 percent, is also on the poor sales figures.

Trutil without a middle class, but with uniformed suv

This duster prognosis also appears comprehensible here in the black seahafenstadt. Sometimes you can see volgas or even lada nivas – the railing wagon was also popular with us. Unfortunately rust-like. Rost is hardly considered a problem here. Solidified dirt seems to hold the licking body together. Brave stochers the cars over blank strain track rails that give the deep potholes grip and give stutz frying. Frequently sees (or overlook) faceless mass produce from korea or japan, cars that look like loveless felled handbags. A surprisingly often, signaling for the social absence of a wide middle class, coarse german or american suvs occur – basic law in black, low-rimmed with noble wheels and tattered slices. They were never stopped on bin, but a shiguli or an old volga limousine wobble quickly and after a short negotiating – it’s about the prematurity of the eighty cents and four euros – the knees are absorbed behind the narrow front seats of the now private taxis to themselves to entrust the driving art of a man, from which one usually never looks much more than shield cap, leather jacket and what the backpack gives from the passed an uncomfortable life. Mostly, after some time, a sharp -fall-damaged but robust laugh gets in progress, as if an old diesel engine starts briefly and then falling again with some misalungs. This is due to my companion, which as a native speaker dominated the subtleties russian-judische judes and demonstrates an amazing fearlessness given "alcoholic unfamilies", as it calls the peaceful rupel,.

Small curve sweep: peugeot 207 rc with 175 hp in the test

Small curve sweep: peugeot 207 rc with 175 hp in the test

Bad durkheim, 14. May 2007 – the clouds hung deep over the hugles of the sadial wine strain, the wind whips the rain almost horizontal through the vineyards. The peugeot 207 rc shows up completely unimpressed. He takes the test track, a review of the former rally at the front pediatric area, at a considerable pace. Read what the little frenchman has to offer anything else.


As so often with ps strong cars, the 207 rc does not look at his power at first glance. The potent small car can be seen at most on the 17-inch alloy wheels, the silver backmirring, the tattered rear slices, the roof edge spoiler, the double tailpipe and the side plankings in body color. In order to take into account the increased driving performance, in the interior sports seats with increased side cheeks are used. In the top model rc cup, in addition to the strong toned side and rear windows and the headlights in "chrome-shadow" optics, the rear stobbar is painted in body color.

Japan-bolide: the new sports car lexus is-f

Japan-bolide: the new sports car lexus is-f

Pegnitz, 13. June 2008 – the lexus is does not at all correspond to the image that the japanese noble brand usually presents: consistently sporty, it once again tries to catch up with the bmw 3 series. 423 hp provide for propulsion, engineers of the motorcycle manufacturer yamaha helped with the modification. Does the sports sedan have a chance in germany??

Cut to size

The lexus is-f can’t deny its base, the is sedan. However, it looks much more aggressive from the sheet metal and flaunts a power dome that runs across the entire hood. On the sides, the dark 19-inch alloy wheels in bbs design stand out. Their ten spokes are shaped like propeller blades, which transport cool air to the brakes and warm air away again. The two twin tailpipes protrude from the rear in an unusual arrangement: the oval ends are offset diagonally above one another. After all, this design seems to be setting a precedent: in the new ferrari california, the exhaust gas is disposed of in a similar way.

Federal ministry of transport couples teslas “autopilot”

Federal ministry of transport couples teslas 'autopilot'

The youngest draft assistance system "autopilot" from tesla is taken under the magnifying glass. "We clear the technical matter," explained the federal ministry of transport on friday to a pre-report of the magazine mirrors. "Currently this is a normal progress that runs within the federal office and ministry," said a spokesman with.

Of the mirrors writes in its new edition, it goes to hints, according to which the tesla system functions have been integrated, for which it did not provide for safety in the context of the so-called type-approval. Concretely, these are functions for uber holding advances. In addition, it won in the suddeutsche zeitung from friday (8. July 2016) without real details, "technology experts of the eu commission" discussed whether "autopilot" was covered by the type. Tesla annulled the information.

Erlzonig: new mercedes ml on trial ride

Erlzonig: new mercedes ml on trial ride

Hair, 8. December 2010 – the mercedes ml has been in its current form since 2005 on the market and was eliminated in 2008. For 2011, the new ml is denied. He was painted by our erlzonig photographer in test drives in sudenuropa. Two ml prototypes were in combination with two current ml models, a bmw x5 and a porsche cayenne on the way.

Lower than so far

Compared to the current model and also to x5 and cayenne falls on that the new ml has a slightly lower. The headlights are based on the youngest design language from unterturnkheim. On the side, the metal dress of the ml gets rising to the rear "wrinkles", how to know them from the current e-class. The current ml is much smoother at this point.

Exhaust gas fraud: audi board member for development leaves

Exhaust gas fraud: audi board member for development leaves

Audi has parted ways with its chief technology officer stefan knirsch. The 50-year-old, who only took up his post in january, "is resigning from his position with immediate effect and leaving the company by mutual agreement with the supervisory board," audi announced in ingolstadt today. Reasons not given. However, it has been confirmed in the volkswagen group environment that the u.S. Law firm jones day found information during its investigations into the emissions fraud on behalf of the volkswagen supervisory board that massively incriminated knirsch.

According to the report, he was already aware of the manipulation of the diesel engines at an earlier stage. In addition, employees are said to have incriminated knirsch. Knirsch had worked, with interruptions, at audi and porsche since 1990, and had headed engine development at volkswagen’s audi brand since 2013. Knirsch was appointed in december as the successor to ulrich hackenberg, audi’s board member for development, who was dismissed after the emissions cheating case.

Mazda mx-30: first e-car of the brand

Mazda sets with the mx-30 on the tokyo motor show (24. October to 4. November 2019) his first battery electrical car. With a 355 volt lithium battery from 35.5 kwh fishing enhancers, it should reach a range of 200 km in the wltp. Mazda describes the body form itself as suv – and maybe you should start: with coupe-former roofing. Both individually and also in combination has been a recipe for success in the market for years.

Mazda explains in his press release that "the mazda mx-30 is one of the few electric cars as a conventionally powered vehicle ride". It really was the same way, mazda has been a coarse backrest. Electric cars are precisely damaged that their drive type is almost unobstructed to all conventional by their principle.