American mother against anne frank

Gail horalek considers the diary of the jewish girl pornographic

Anne frank, born in frankfurt am main in 1929, moved with her jewish family to the netherlands in 1934. When the nazis invaded and ordered the deportation of jews, she hid in a back house in amsterdam. In 1944 she was betrayed and sent to auschwitz and later to bergen-belsen, where she died of typhus in march 1945. What survived was her diary, which has become world literature and is read in many schools..

This is not appreciated by all parents: currently, the american mother gail horalek is making headlines with the demand to put the book under parental permission reservation, because it is harmful to young people.

american mother vs. anne frank

Specifically, the woman from northville in the u.S. State of michigan has in mind the passages in which the adolescent anne frank writes how the perception of her body has changed: that as a child she did not know that there were inner labia as well. That she believed the urine stream came from the clitoris. And that she could not imagine how a penis or a child could fit through the tiny opening, into which a finger could hardly penetrate.

Before 1986 there was a version of the diary censored by anne frank’s father otto, in which the reflections on the body were not included. According to horalek, the passages reinserted in more recent editions disturbed her daughter, who concluded that the work was unsuitable for seventh-graders and filed an official complaint with the school authorities. In the complaint, she demanded that the school not only be responsible for films, but also for books with obscene content "obscene" must obtain written parental consent before making them available to a child.

Examples from other u.S. Schools show that horalek has a realistic chance of getting away with it: in the culpeper district in the u.S. State of virginia, the uncensored version of anne frank’s diary was replaced by the censored version three years ago following complaints from parents. In massachusetts, a catholic school banned the harry potter series of novels for trivializing witchcraft; in new hampshire, william shakespeare’s twelfth night was removed from the curriculum because it featured a girl dressed as a boy; in california, a district banned margaret mitchell’s gone with the wind from classrooms because of its portrayal of slaves; and in culver city, a version of little red riding hood was removed from the recommendation list for first-graders because the grandmother drank from the wine she brought to school.

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