“Pikmin”: maker of “pokemon go” develop new augmented reality game

Niantic works on one "pikmin"-game with ar elements. The title should like "pokemon go" in collaboration with nintendo and is developed by the tokyo department of niantic. This tokyo studio was founded in 2018, pikmin is its first video game.

The envision of the "pikmin"-playing does not give many details price. Niantic writes only, the game should encourage the encouragement to run and contain game mechanics that should make this activity spabig. That sounds quite similar to the previous niantic games ""pokemon go" and "harry potter: wizards unite". The ar game in "pikmin"-universe is to come 2021 on the market.

Pokemon, harry potter, pikmin

"Pikmin" is compared to "pokemon" and "harry potter" a significantly smaller brand: it is about small plant resources who have to get ratsel loose and adversaries. The "pikmin"-title play as a mixture of strategy game, platformer and puzzle game and let the players mostly explore an open world. So far, there are only four main games in the "pikmin"-series, which were partially reied several times.

The youngest "pikmin"-title, "pikmin 3 deluxe", appeared 2020 for the nintendo switch. It is a remake of the third part, which was published in 2013 for nintendo’s game console wii u.

According to press release, nintendo and niantic go with the development of the "pikmin"-ar game a long-term partnership in which further ar titles should be created with topics from the nintendo universe. The partnership is given the massive success of "pokemon go" nearby: according to the analysts of sensortower, the ar game has meanwhile implemented four billion us dollars for mobile devices.

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