From 2008: volvo c30 with diesel consumption of less than 4.5 liters

From 2008: volvo c30 with diesel consumption of less than 4.5 liters

Koln, 21. August 2007 – volvo shows on the iaa from 13. Until 23. September 2007 the c30 efficiency. According to the manufacturer, the particularly economical version of the 105-hp 1.6-liter diesel gets by on less than 4.5 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. The engine thus undercuts the normal 1.6d by 0.4 liters. Translated into co2 emissions, this means a reduction of around seven percent from 129 to less than 120 grams per kilometer. In sweden, buyers of a conventional car below this limit benefit from a state premium of the equivalent of around 1080 euros. At under 4.5 liters of diesel, the oko-volvo doesn’t do too badly. The value is exactly the same as the new vw golf bluemotion, which also has 105 hp, but requires 1.9 liters of displacement. The same consumption value is also achieved by the bmw 118d with its 143 hp – but only with complex technology.

Fine-tuning at four points

Analogous to the bluemotion models from vw and the "tdi e" variants from audi, the reduction in consumption has been achieved through fine-tuning. Firstly, the aerodynamics have been improved – by lowering the body, a roof spoiler, a modified rear bumper, underbody panelling, a modified cooling system and optimized 16-inch rims. Secondly, friction-optimized tires reduce rolling resistance. The third problem is the increased number of gearbox changes in third to fifth gear.

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