American mother against anne frank

Gail horalek considers the diary of the jewish girl pornographic

Anne frank, born in frankfurt am main in 1929, moved with her jewish family to the netherlands in 1934. When the nazis invaded and ordered the deportation of jews, she hid in a back house in amsterdam. In 1944 she was betrayed and sent to auschwitz and later to bergen-belsen, where she died of typhus in march 1945. What survived was her diary, which has become world literature and is read in many schools..

Bastel calculator: update for the bbc micro: bit

Bastel calculator: Update for the BBC Micro: Bit

A speaker, a microphone and a touch sensor directly onboard – with the overargested bbc micro: bit are schulerinns and schools soon more opportunities to buy without extra hardware and would have to. In addition, in the microcontroller is more computing power to simplify entry into projects with machine learning.

The micro: bit gets a new processor, nrf52833 from nordic semiconductor with a 64mhz cortex-m4f chip, 512kb flash memory and 128kb ram, the micro: bit educational foundation. A preliminary apparatus already received the espruino developer gordon williams and now support the board in the espruino online ide. For example, javascript programs on the micro: bit could also be used and espruino libraries could be used.

Granny at 30?

The federal statistical office and deutsche bank on vertical and horizontal procreation

Among other important topics such as "laying hen husbandry and egg production" or "traffic accidents" in the june ie of economy and statistics, the federal statistical office destatis deals with germany’s favorite occupation: avoiding having children. And deutsche bank explains in its english-language newsletter that german women have even more children vertically than horizontally.