Mazda mx-30: first e-car of the brand

Mazda sets with the mx-30 on the tokyo motor show (24. October to 4. November 2019) his first battery electrical car. With a 355 volt lithium battery from 35.5 kwh fishing enhancers, it should reach a range of 200 km in the wltp. Mazda describes the body form itself as suv – and maybe you should start: with coupe-former roofing. Both individually and also in combination has been a recipe for success in the market for years.

Mazda explains in his press release that "the mazda mx-30 is one of the few electric cars as a conventionally powered vehicle ride". It really was the same way, mazda has been a coarse backrest. Electric cars are precisely damaged that their drive type is almost unobstructed to all conventional by their principle.

No pure propaganda

It is not allowed to ame that the responsible persons with this date have only tried to win potential skeptics for electro car. Because mazda was not mazda, if you did not try there, to bring comfort and jerking together in seamless harmony. That this is not a pure propaganda, we have already convinced test drives with different mazda models.

The first pictures show a for a specially constructed electric car unusually long front overhang. As a long, mazda gives 4395 mm, but the wheelbase is only 2655 mm. With an e-car of this long one was expected at least about 100 mm long wheelbase. This coarse handling of traffic surface (or interior, depending on the viewing point) sets the suspicion that the battery car uses an existing body, which had been developed for a conventional drive. The optical parallels to the other mazda models are obvious, only behind the b-saule this impression, from there, the roof edge loses towards the rear towards high, the backsten are short and swing forward. Width and high of the mazda mx-30 amount to 1795 and 1570 mm.

Conventional base

The shell body is a conventional sheet steel construction, exotic lightweight construction materials are apparently not used. The underfloor battery box should bring additional rigidity. Power electronics and motor are installed on the front (another indication of using a combustor basic layout), the lithium battery with its active water boiler below, the cargo rear. After all, a value gives mazda for the pack space already price: on a long of 1150 mm, four suitcases should find space.

With the mx-30, mazda introduces an electric vehicle technology "e-skyactiv". With her "g-vectoring control plus (e-gvc plus) called torque vectoring. There is a same way to four-wheel drive with two motors, but in the case of the mx-30, it only means reducing the torque to the engine when lending to improve the side carrying the steered raders. So apparently quite as you know it already from the current, conventionally powered mazda models.

Bottle embassies

Exotic materials only brings mazda into the interior and above all as a statement: the turping cap belief consist of bottle-pet recyclat, the cork surface on the center console is recycled from wine bottle-shutters. It should not only appeal to the environmental spirit of the user, but also refer to the toyo cork kogyo co. Ltd. From 1920, from the mazda, take. How pretty.

Again, nothing to do with an environmental idea then has the seven-inch monitor at the end of the center console. He serves man, which apparently rather wipe today than turning or printing as an input field for the heating and climate control.

The charging standards handben chademo or combo, up to 6.6 kw ac charge are possible. Further data for the electrical system of the mazda mx-30 are equally in circulation such as weight or payload. After all, we already learn that the battery suv should be equipped with turning, tracking and dead angle assistants.

The mx-30 will "probably" at prices from 33.Be 990 euros conservation. Immediately after his world premiere at the tokyo motor show, mazda’s first battery car is to be reserved for a € 1000 euro baton that is reimbursed upon conclusion of a purchase contract. Delivery in germany and europe should start in the second half of 2020. The competition could be hard, volkswagen id.3 for example, from summer 2020 from almost 30 offers.000 euro 45 kwh, good for a normal range of 330 km.

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