Tranen, but also hame after sochi plane crash

Tranen, but also hame after the sochi plane crash

Russian president vladimir putin on sunday during the declaration of national mourning. Image: kremlin

Russia mourns its aleksandrov ensemble. An adviser to the ukrainian president mocked the 92 victims

Numerous muscovites in the last two days laid flowers in front of the office of the foundation "just aid" in the center of moscow. Here worked the doctor yelizaveta glinka, called also "dr. Lisa". Ten years ago she founded the foundation and helped children, the homeless and cancer patients.

The 54-year-old sabbed on the tupolev 154 that was to fly from moscow to the russian airbase near latakia in syria on sunday. For refueling, the plane landed not as planned in the north caucasian mosdok because of bad weather, but at the airport adler, a suburb of sochi. On sunday at 5:27 the plane took off from the airport adler. The ria novosti news agency reported that the plane did not gain the necessary altitude. It turned around and crashed into the black sea six kilometers off the coast

"We never know if we will come back alive"

At the beginning of december, the doctor yelizaveta glinka received an award from vladimir putin in the kremlin for her commitment. Over the past two years, glinka had brought numerous seriously ill children by train from the internationally unrecognized donetsk and lugansk people’s republics to moscow so that they could receive better care. At the solemn ceremony in the kremlin, glinka had said: "we never know if we will come back alive, for war is hell on earth. I know what i am talking about."

Among the dead in sochi are nine journalists from russian television stations ntw, zvezda and 1. Kanal, as well as 65 singers and dancers from the famous russian aleksandrov ensemble. The choir of the ensemble is famous for its songs from the "rough patriotic war" (1941-1945), but also for his interpretations of queen and beatles songs. The orchestra of the ensemble was spared from the tragedy because it remained in moscow.

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