Range rover evoque sd4: fit fur

Range rover evoque sd4: fit fur

Gaydon (england), 14. April 2011 – the land rover evoque should secure his place in the segment of compact suvs. As more and more manufacturers have fallen into these cheeks, the british has designed a car that was allowed to be ahead at least in one point to the competitors. In the english gaydon we were able to try a pre-production model of the evoque.

Three or fun

Eventually the evoque has become fancy. The car to have as a coupe and funfturer is quite small with a long of 4.36 meters for range-rover conditions and comparatively easily with a curb weight of around 1700 kilograms. The roof and the hood consist of aluminum, in the instrument carrier magnesium is used, the tailgate is made entirely made of fiber-picked plastic. She still makes a stiff impression even in the pre-series car. As the equipment option, land rover for evoque offers a rough panoramic glass roof. This leaves a lot of light in the interior, but makes the car much heavier and pushes the focus upwards.


The evoque is sorted by land rover as range rover, so must meet upscale tunnels in the comfort. The interior of the pre-series model is made fine and can be used, for example, with a tv function and an electrically sloven tailgate. The external wedge shape with the window slots behind when looking out the cabin your disadvantages: the car is very unacceptable. A jerk camera is believed in this car to the absolute duties extras. For surcharge, an automatic parking aid is available for both the manual switches and the automatic models – a premiere at land rover. The system recognizes the long-parking chucks next to the vehicle and manovries it in there. At a trial, the car was a bit of shaking. The system should still be calibrated until the series start in september 2011.

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