Erlzonig: new mercedes ml on trial ride

Erlzonig: new mercedes ml on trial ride

Hair, 8. December 2010 – the mercedes ml has been in its current form since 2005 on the market and was eliminated in 2008. For 2011, the new ml is denied. He was painted by our erlzonig photographer in test drives in sudenuropa. Two ml prototypes were in combination with two current ml models, a bmw x5 and a porsche cayenne on the way.

Lower than so far

Compared to the current model and also to x5 and cayenne falls on that the new ml has a slightly lower. The headlights are based on the youngest design language from unterturnkheim. On the side, the metal dress of the ml gets rising to the rear "wrinkles", how to know them from the current e-class. The current ml is much smoother at this point.

Wide engine spectrum possible

For the drive, a wide range of gasoline and diesel engines is in question. The entry could mark the new 204 hp strong 2.2-liter self-cord, which there is also in the s-class as 250 cdi. Also fit the three-liter turbo diesel, which does the s 350 bluetec 258 hp. For the petrol, the new 3.5-liter v6 was a good figure with 306 hp. In the ml 500, it is most likely to run out of 4.6 liter biturbo v8 ottomotor with 435 hp and 700 nm torque. And of course we expect an amg version again. It is probably equipped with the new 5.5-liter v8 charged by two turbos, which probably carries around 550 hp.

Safely secure

In the equipment, mercedes in the youngian models presented some things that were also good for the ml, including active dead angle and tracking assistants or a night vision assistant with passenger and traffic sign recognition. The trade fair premiere is expected to be on the l.A. Auto show 2011.

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