Bastel calculator: update for the bbc micro: bit

Bastel calculator: Update for the BBC Micro: Bit

A speaker, a microphone and a touch sensor directly onboard – with the overargested bbc micro: bit are schulerinns and schools soon more opportunities to buy without extra hardware and would have to. In addition, in the microcontroller is more computing power to simplify entry into projects with machine learning.

The micro: bit gets a new processor, nrf52833 from nordic semiconductor with a 64mhz cortex-m4f chip, 512kb flash memory and 128kb ram, the micro: bit educational foundation. A preliminary apparatus already received the espruino developer gordon williams and now support the board in the espruino online ide. For example, javascript programs on the micro: bit could also be used and espruino libraries could be used.

Bastel calculator: Update for the BBC Micro: Bit

Diy smart speaker?

The new, integrated sound functions are also particularly interesting for schools. Combined with the machine learning possibilities micro: bit in the direction of smart speakers and digital assistance systems are programmed to make the new technologies in school lessons. To make it clear when the board mithorth, therefore, has the microphone received its own status led.

Already existing hardware and written programs should continue to be compatible and the existing teaching material is also usable, as all the features of the early version were taken over. The new bbc micro: bit should be consuming from november 2020. Only recently was the calliope mini 2.0 a new version of the german microcontroller for schools appeared. The star-shaped calculator is now available with a flash memory

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