Formula 1: ross brawn leaves mercedes

Mercedes must probably do without priority of the younger formula 1 story to do without team boss ross brawn. The farewell to the british at the end of the year was decided thing, reported several media on thursday. The 59-year-olds have already conceded their decision to the employees. Apparently, brawn could not agree with the mercedes guide for team supervisory board niki lauda and mercedes motor sports director toto wolff on his art task cutting.

The mercedes representatives want to distribute the power in a team accordingly to several shoulders. Art should the early mclaren technical chef paddy lowe and wolff form a double top. The personnel conversion meets the racing team in a sensitive phase. Through the comprehensive control reform with new six-cylinder turbomotors, the coming season offers the rough chance to remove sebastian vettel’s red-bull team at the formula 1 lace. At the same time, the technology revolution also carries the risk of failing capital.

Therefore, lauda had recently emphasized again and again to give the enormously experienced brawn. The top engineer had once guided michael schumacher to all his seven world cup titles and is revered in the industry as a "super brain". "I’m trying to move him to stay," lauda insured. Until the season finale in brazil last sunday, the osterreicher gave the team chief time for final decision. But brawn apparently does not want anymore. His opinion that only a decision-maker can pretend the direction in a formula 1 team and that traces responsibility for everything, apparently collided with the ideas of the emissals of the schwalische car manufacturer.

Brawn had sold his world champion team to mercedes after the 2009 season, but retain the role of team boss. After three years with the reactivated record champion schumacher succeeded in the course of the constructoring this season. Nevertheless, brawn now decided against a relocation of his contract. His future is open.

Even weeks ago it had given speculation, brawn will go back to honda. The japanese automaker returns in 2015 as a motor supplier for mclaren in formula 1. In 2008 brawn had carried the former honda racing team as a team boss, before he bought the team and promptly leading the title. But other options for brawn were discussed. Williams, mclaren and ferrari were traded as interested parties. Even a role in the world association fia is considered possible. But it is also conceivable that the passionate anglers and racket searchers as early as 2007 after his time at ferrari takes a later break or even entirely goes into the formula 1 pension.


Team boss ross brawn leaves mercedes at the end of the year. The confirmed the formula 1 racing team on thursday. "It is clear that one can not stop someone if he has decided to go", team supervisory board niki lauda. The easter rich had tried in vain to move brawn to stay. Apparently, the group representatives could not agree with the british on the future cutting of his role. In the coming season, the former mclaren technikhef paddy lowe and mercedes motorsportchef toto wolff will form a twin peak at the work team.

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