Hypex vr6

Hypex vr6

On 28 august 2014, horex gmbh. August 2014 in augsburg filed for insolvency proceedings. The preliminary insolvency administrator ra rainer muller will go in the next time through the data of the company to save what can be saved. The horex press release wants to preserve all 36 jobs and continue motorcycle production under the traditional horex brand purchased in 2010 "in the long term" preserved. After millions and millions of demand money and investments have not managed to do that, one has to doubt the power of this press release. Too bad.

If one thing has united the motorcycle scene in opinion on the subject of horex, it is the point that we are all happy about the attempt to produce a technically interesting, completely new motorcycle in germany for the german market. Even the accusations about the "playmobil-" or "lego design" are weak. These toys celebrate their enduring success precisely because of the design: solid oversized pieces of solidly colored plastic of good quality, which lasts forever. The simple design emphasized that. It was similar with the horex vr6. I always liked to have a vr6 cafe racer as a playmobil motorcycle. But as a real motorcycle? Nope.

At least good enough

At this point lies as always the dog buried. The horex was not a bad motorcycle. But neither was a mz 1000 s or sf. However, all three were not good enough. Short excursion into the most painful area of marketing: the initial success of a product depends to a large extent on chance. This is the bitter pill that all planners must swallow before they can act meaningfully. Well-documented research shows, for example, that a top hit cannot be predicted from the mass of music tracks, even though data are available from the previous trial iteration in which a top hit was already present. In the next run, a completely different piece drifts to the top.

We all know the happy-ending tales of woe from ms. Rowling or mr. Pirsig. After countless rejections, finally the justified success! These one-off stories suggest that you only have to work hard enough to make it. To see the world as it is, the majority of stories, those of the non-rowlings, the non-pirsigs, are lacking. These stories go like this: countless rejections, done, out. This is what happens. To ensure at least a chance of success, the product, according to the study, must meet only one criterion: it must be at least good enough in terms of what the market wants. Then it stands at a stop where (with luck) the success bus passes by. There is no timetable.

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