Small curve sweep: peugeot 207 rc with 175 hp in the test

Small curve sweep: peugeot 207 rc with 175 hp in the test

Bad durkheim, 14. May 2007 – the clouds hung deep over the hugles of the sadial wine strain, the wind whips the rain almost horizontal through the vineyards. The peugeot 207 rc shows up completely unimpressed. He takes the test track, a review of the former rally at the front pediatric area, at a considerable pace. Read what the little frenchman has to offer anything else.


As so often with ps strong cars, the 207 rc does not look at his power at first glance. The potent small car can be seen at most on the 17-inch alloy wheels, the silver backmirring, the tattered rear slices, the roof edge spoiler, the double tailpipe and the side plankings in body color. In order to take into account the increased driving performance, in the interior sports seats with increased side cheeks are used. In the top model rc cup, in addition to the strong toned side and rear windows and the headlights in "chrome-shadow" optics, the rear stobbar is painted in body color.

In 7.1 seconds at speed 100

The heart stuck of the 207 rc is the 175 hp gasoline direct injector developed in collaboration with bmw. The same engine is used in the mini cooper s. The 1.6-liter unit accelerates the lowen from the stand in 7.1 seconds at speed 100. If the tacho needle displays a highest speed of 220 km / h. Peugeot gives an average consumption of 7.2 liters for the 207 rc, the mini needs 6.9 liters due to its weight advantage of 120 kilograms. Thanks to the relatively low weight of 1.325 kilograms accelerates the low-strong frenchman subjectively and also the sound of the double tailpipe confirmed the sporty impression.

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