New short order

New short order

Stuttgart, 12. November 2014 – the times of overview of nomenclatures are long past mercedes. Meanwhile, there is a true flood of model designations that the manufacturer wants to make something more out more in the coming year. Pretty surprisingly, mercedes also revives the traditional name maybach again.

New logic

The five core letters of the model series are retained: a, b, c, e and s. All suv models get the intent "gl", fourth coupes "cl" and roadster "sl". Example: a mercedes gle is thus a suv based on the e-class and the early mercedes ml. Analogously, a slc is a roadster c-class base, so the current slk. Only the g-class and the sl fall from the nomenclature grid.

The drive types are newly titled: bluetec and cdi are fit, a diesel engine will soon be recognized at a small "d". "E" then stands for the models with plug-in hybrid, "c" for gas operation, "f" for the fuel cell and "h" for the hybrid variants without external loading. Furthermore without additional letter, the models remain with gasoline motors. There is a lot of explanation for the mercedes sellers in the coming year.

Coarent s-class becomes a maybach

Even in november 2014, the new mercedes-maybach s 600 will have its premiere on the car show in los angeles. This is an s-class expanded in the wheelbase and so much space and comfort in the rear was allowed to offer as the incoming long version. In the "short" series-top model s 600 is currently a six-liter v12 with 530 hp his work. There is no information available for the prices, the procedure maybach cost at least 390.201 euro. A new model is probably clearly located below.

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