Poland: opposition embellished follow-up constitutional

Poland: Opposition Embellished Follow-up Constitutional

Colonel court in warsaw. Image: darwinek / cc by-sa-3.0

Can the ruling party "law and justice" grant the choice obviously? The polish opposition will escape this with respect to the seats of the senate

"The protest, which the pis raises, and the demand to repay the voices again, can lead to an attempt to change the election result", said grzegorz schetyna, boss of the conservative-liberal party bond "state burger coalition" (ko), on wednesday in strabburg in front of the council of europe.

The national conservatives, the on 13.10 had won the parliamentary elections for the second time (right and left-hand prere), lost their majority in the second chamber, in the senate. There they only place 48 out of 100 deputies. The pis has requested this week, in six constituencies in which their candidates had lost the voices again. There were striking many non-trusted votes. Schetyna calls on the osce, the council of europe and the venice commission on a possible monitoring of voting. The oppositions of the opposition had also set on the other, in three election circles for the senate to repeat the choice for allegedly formal errors.

Michal laskowski, the speaker of the supreme court in warsaw, criticized the codes of pis on wednesday as "too little concrete". On the other hand, an international observation is not provided.

The onset of the superest court of first trainers will decide on the application – an institution that was founded by the pis and whose government-related lawyers have been nominated by the government council, which also consists of government-related lawyers. After schetyna was not really "fair" procedure possible. An urge of the election result by means of a governmental chamber is considered a terror scenario, before the government opponent had warned in poland.

Since autumn 2015, the pis is under the tactically savvy jaroslav kaczynski through its controversial justice reform in international criticism; the eu commission has begun several legality procedures against poland. Kaczynski plans another amendment for the coming government period, by means of which he wants to reform several dishes, including the court of appeal, again party-proof judges were losing their office.

The second chamber in poland, the senate, has no gross power of power formally. However, the senate can be proposed by the sejm proposed laws and to further discuss the sejm for further discussion. Thus, the majority of members of the chamber can stimulate a public debate and slow down the progress of judicial reform.

After polish law, there are two possibilities of voice payment – the supreme court commissions a regional court in the corresponding constituency or the ballots are transported to warsaw and disbursed under supervision of three judges of the supreme court. In the latter case it would be interesting who these are three judges. The supreme court is not completely controlled by the pis, according to a judgment of the european court of justice, forced persons had to be made in autumn 2018, including the chairman of the court, malgorzota gersdorf. The opposition hopes here on the influence of the judge, which occurred as a critic of judicial reform, but it can not act formally in this process.

The pis first tried to draw some senators of the opposition to their side, one even got the ministry of health offered. The government-critical media speak of bribery offers. Michal dworcyk, the chief of the law firm of prime minister mateusz morawieci, has assisted on television that "currently some talking."

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