E-bikes in 4.3 million households

E-bikes in 4.3 million households

The number of private households with at least one e-bike has almost tripled in the past five years, as the federal statistical office announced on monday. At the beginning of this year, there was at least one e-bike in 4.3 million households – early 2015 there were still 1.5 million households.

In 11.4 percent of german households, there is at least one e-bike. 65.6 percent had exactly one electrical bicycle, 33.1 percent two. Good one percent of households are three or more electric bicycles. Under electric bicycle or e-bike, the federal office "any form of beads with supporting electric motor drive (also pedelecs)".

Electric seniors and seniors

Especially under vigorial people are popular according to the federal statistical office e-bikes. Households whose main earners was between 65 and 69 years old, with 16 percent most common electric raider. Under households with main earners between 55 to 64 years and from 70 to 79 years, it was good 14 percent. On the other hand, it was only 9 percent in households with a major earner between 45 and 55 years.

Overall, early 2020 has around 29.9 million households bicycles or electric raiders, which are 78.8 percent of all households. E-bikes have been driving the bicycle industry for years with partly double-digit sales growth. In the corona crisis, which the wheel industry gave rise to power, electric bicycles sold well again. Their sales rose by more than 15 percent in the first half of the year in the same period of the previous year, in the same period of the previous year, reported the two-wheeler industry association (ziv).

Data foundation are the ongoing economic invoices (lwr) 2020. Results for households whose regular monthly net income 18.000 euro and more, are not considered in it, as they do not participate or too little at the survey. Households of self-standing are not included.

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