Documentary “colette”: an oscar for ea and facebook

documentary'colette': ein oscar fur ea und facebook'colette': ein oscar fur ea und facebook

A documentary production of electronic arts and facebook has won an oscar: the movie "colette", the resistance campferin colette marin catherine and the concentration camp federation dora won the coveted film price in the category "best documentation (short film)". It’s the first time that a production of the video game industry has won an oscar.

Documentation "colette" on youtube

The documentary became originally for the vr game "medal of honor: above and beyond" rotated, which appeared in december 2020 on facebooks oculus platform. The shooter developed by eas respawn entertainment in cooperation with oculus includes multiple documentaries on veterans of the second world war, including gameplay sections, including "colette" heard.

"Colette" is from the meanwhile 92-year-old former resistance camphor colette marin-catherine, which for the first time for 74 years returned to germany. She visits the kz medium-construction dora in nordhausen, where her brother once came to life.

Broadcasting at film festival

The ego shooter "medal of honor: above and beyond" was developed exclusively for facebooks vr platform oculus. During the actual game received browned reviews, the free-playing documentation celebrated separate successes. "Colette" was shown for the first time at the big sky documentary film festival in february 2020, almost a year before publication of the game.

Was produced "colette" of ea and facebook, the streaming rights has secured the british daily newspaper the guardian. The 24-minute oscar winner can be viewed for free on youtube, the guardian and at oculus tv. For the shooting, the filmmakers anthony giacchino and alice doyard were.

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