Federal ministry of transport couples teslas “autopilot”

Federal ministry of transport couples teslas 'autopilot'

The youngest draft assistance system "autopilot" from tesla is taken under the magnifying glass. "We clear the technical matter," explained the federal ministry of transport on friday to a pre-report of the magazine mirrors. "Currently this is a normal progress that runs within the federal office and ministry," said a spokesman with.

Of the mirrors writes in its new edition, it goes to hints, according to which the tesla system functions have been integrated, for which it did not provide for safety in the context of the so-called type-approval. Concretely, these are functions for uber holding advances. In addition, it won in the suddeutsche zeitung from friday (8. July 2016) without real details, "technology experts of the eu commission" discussed whether "autopilot" was covered by the type. Tesla annulled the information.

Tesla had provided the "autopilot" system via software update in autumn 2016. It is a combination of driving assistance features that allow the car to keep track, tempo and distance. Tesla always emphasized, "autopilot" do not make the cars to self-propelled cars and the drivers had to keep the control over the traffic situation at all times. At the same time, numerous videos on the internet show that many drivers remain the control entirely to the system.

Lastly, it became known that already early may 2016 a us driver died when his tesla drove with "autopilot" feature under a transverse truck trail. According to tesla, the software held the soft side of the attachment for a high-level highway sign.

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