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Read in advance and exclusively a possible speech of the chairman of the board of germany with his outlook on the economic year 2030

The year 2005 brought news and resolutions to the burger, some of which were greeted with astonishment, others ignored with resigned resignation. Above all, only data protection experts were interested in the yearly tightening of the digital corset that politics and business are putting on their citizens and customers. At present, it seems as if the government wants to leave future economic developments to the market. The only regulatory tool these days is deregulation. It is seldom asked where the government’s attitude of humility toward economic and security interests will lead in the long term. Let us therefore dare to take a look at the year 2030. Let’s read the fictitious speech of germany’s ceo, with a look back at the completed business year 2030.

Dear citizens,

For most of us, a successful year 2030 is coming to an end. If we look at the losses and gains, we can once again be satisfied! The company’s reforms are progressing, the annual balance sheet is very positive on balance! I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the outstanding events of the past year and to give an account of the resulting improvement in the annual results.


The main focus of the reforms was on the de-bureaucratization of the company. The most significant simplification was certainly the deletion of the administrative offence penalty without replacement. As a result of this simplification, all offenses are now considered criminal offenses. Measuring with two sets of rules seemed to many to be not very modern and also very time-consuming. Even the culture of fine collection with automatic debiting for minor offenses, introduced by the last government of the former federal republic of germany, could only be administered with enormous effort for a long time!

Due to necessary accompanying measures, such as precautionary acoustic surveillance of living quarters, the distinction between a misdemeanor and a felony was an enormous burden for the administration and the justice system. In addition, industry representatives complained of a labor shortage in the privately operated penal institutions, which urgently needed to be remedied.

With this reform, the board of management of germany succeeded in addressing this labor shortage. In particular, the urgently needed programmers and bioscientists enriched the low-wage sector created in the prisons with their skills and helped to extend the lead of our companies.

Another success in the fight against bureaucracy was achieved with the abolition of the federal torture act without replacement. There have been many calls in recent years, particularly from law enforcement circles, to remove the restrictions imposed by this legislation in order to increase efficiency. For a police officer on duty, an assessment of whether torture was permissible or not in order to obtain a confession would often not be clear-cut. It is also in the nature of torture that often only in retrospect – when the extent of guilt is known – can it be judged whether interrogation torture would have been permissible or not.

With the abolition of the federal torture act, this conflict of conscience was taken away from the investigating authorities. As a side effect, many cases can now be closed much more quickly, which is also in line with the goal of a lean state. In this context, the software guilty-o-matic, which was developed under the auspices of the state, also makes a significant contribution guilty-o-matic software, which was developed under the auspices of the state, provides valuable assistance in the formulation of confessions. We know from surveys that the current rule is perceived as fairer by the overwhelming majority of the population.

Also this year the industrial city partnerships were further expanded. Many companies were able to negotiate an exclusive contract for the area they serve in order to ame responsibility in cities and municipalities. As a result, supermarket and fast-food chains participating in the program have been able to ban competitors from trading in their areas thanks to their exclusive right of representation, thus saving money on advertising that is no longer needed.

Manufacturers of sportswear set up gyms and insurance companies were able to minimize potential hazards thanks to the transfer of construction and traffic control to them. The naming right for streets and squares is used by all participants. Thus, through the street of freedom of enterprise or the square of individual responsibility brought a breath of fresh air to these areas. The expenses for the maintenance of roads, schools and public safety are covered by these companies from the secured revenues.


A major success in the fight against terrorists and computer viruses was also achieved last year thanks to worldwide cooperation among industrialized nations. The worldwide ban on source code and compilers, after the shutdown of all licensing servers, caused the incidence of computer malware to drop abruptly into the double-digit percentage range.

Modern program generators, as they are used today, are not to be used for programming of harmful software thanks to inserted safety mechanisms. These generators detect infectious program parts or attempts to duplicate copyrighted content or play it back without authorization at an early stage. For the following years, a further decrease of the virus threat is expected, as the dangerous knowledge of programming languages will be contained and the attempt to obtain the illegal development tools will become increasingly hopeless.

Those of you who are already able to listen to this speech via the new protocol ipvdrm protocol are immediate beneficiaries of this new technology! Illegal content is prevented from being inadvertently transported even at the deepest protocol level. For everything that is not yet licensed, digital rights are acquired immediately – and without having to use complicated licensing techniques. Moreover, this technology prevents access to content whose license has expired or been revoked!

The success of this technology is evidenced by the increasing number of indictments for the possession of music or movies from illegal sources. Once this technology is seamlessly integrated into everyday devices, checks on all passengers with playback devices on buses and trains will cease. Although market surveys show that the classic pirate copy died out more out of fear of discovery than out of inner insight. But thanks to ipvdrm such infringements, whether intentional or due to carelessness, are a thing of the past.


There were also successes to celebrate in the cultural field thanks to the joint effort! I would like to give the example of the human rights award, which was given to the car industry this year. The committee of employers’ associations and lobbying groups thus acknowledged the new service offered by car manufacturers to the residents of their city-partnership-serviced residential areas. Since the beginning of the year, every road user has been able to influence the red phase of traffic lights for a small fee. This is provided in separate versions for both drivers and pedestrians. Depending on the tariff, the range of services offered by this burger service extends from free passage to well, when there is no stort. In the laudation, the commission pointed out the strengthening of citizens’ rights as well as a strengthening of ownership.


For 5 years now, the dispute whether ring tones of a cell phone are to be credited as "public performance of copyrighted works" has been occupying courts, discussions as well as the online publications of our economic area. In 2030, the collecting societies suffered a defeat before the arbitration board for value-added ies. Although the experts in karlsruhe affirmed the classification as "public performance," they did not want to derive from this an increased obligation to pay remuneration above and beyond the performance fees that would have been incurred anyway.

"Since no tickets were sold in the vicinity of the cell phones, individual billing would be difficult for this reason alone, the experts argued" argued the experts. The collecting societies announced that they would work with device manufacturers to develop the technical requirements for individual billing. In addition, free online access to the location data of cell phone owners was demanded in order to make the circle of listeners identifiable.

The ministry of data collection referred to the valid rate of remuneration for such requests, but flatly refused to provide the position free of charge. Certainly, this discussion will keep us busy for years to come!


Let’s look at our neighbors on the neighboring continent of america. In the trade war with the usa, europe had to give up some battles. Especially the deliberate slowing down of the north american licensing servers caused problems in this country. Many systems could not be installed because the us licensing servers refused to authorize them. The resulting damage can hardly be quantified.

According to experts, europe needs to create its own infrastructure, which would enable licensing and control of all processors in the economic area independently of the usa. However, this is hindered by internationally valid patents, which regulate the negotiation of licensing rights exclusively in individual licenses.

The hostile takeover of economically weak bolivia by the czech republic has caused anxiety and concern among many citizens. Some believe that a hostile takeover could also occur in the german economic area. However, there is no basis for such fears, as the acquisitions in asia and africa have expanded our core competencies. We have gained in resources and people. The management board of germany can guarantee the employees in the areas taken over that their independence is only at stake in those areas where there was direct competition.

The weather events

As in previous years, the warming of the climate brought us many pleasing innovations. Thus, for the 10. Record harvests of sun-warmed wines from the vines of the dikes for the 10th time in a row. Also in kapital, on the banks of the spree, top wines were pressed. In other areas, it was possible to harvest two or even three crops per year with great success. The climate change has also benefited the environment and climate protection, since the co2 emissions of the heating systems decreased massively due to the decreasing heating requirements.

Finally, the reduction of jobs in the traditional winter sports areas can be considered as completed. This year, the last ski lift in the country was forced to close down due to a lack of economic basis.

Sport in the sign of progress

The most curious sporting event of the past year was certainly the final of the robo-cup in the leviathan stadium of our capital city. The match between the teams was watched with great excitement dynamics microsoft against mozilla.Org awaited. After the robot players of the mozilla project took a 7:2 lead in the first period, accusations were made during the first intermission that the software of the mozilla goalie used patented functions to calculate the course of the ball. By the order of the independent, the player had to be suspended for the duration of the investigation.

Although the search of the program’s code took only 30 minutes, it was possible for mozilla.Org could not prevent dynamics microsoft from taking the lead with 8:17 during this phase of the game. This lead could not be recovered after the 2. Commercial break: the game ended with a score of 9:18. Demands to allow people to play soccer again were rejected by the insurance industry because of the existing risk of injury.

Dear burger, i would like to say goodbye with a quote from the british moral philosopher adam smith:

No society can prosper and be happy if the vast majority of its members are poor and miserable.

With this in mind, my colleagues on the board of management and i will continue to work to maintain the successes achieved for the so-called deutschland ag and to enable every citizen to achieve a successful balance sheet at the end of the year.

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