Ferrari f12berlinetta: new zwolfzylinder from italy

Ferrari f12berlinetta: new zwolfzylinder from italy

Maranello, 1. Marz 2012 – the new ferrari f12berlinetta lost the 599 gtb fiorano and should be the harbinger of a new generation of zwolfzylinder-ferraris. Officially presented he will be at the fair in geneva.

Short, narrower, flat, lighter

The sports car is short with 4.62 meters about four centimeters short than his process 599. Also reduced were width and high, here are the values of the f12berryleta 1.94 meters and 1.27 meters. The design of the flitzer was created in cooperation with pininfarina. The body sauber scaglietti designed for the vehicle a new chassis with spaceframe chassis and a raw body from zwolf different aluminum alloys. As a result, this should lead to a 20 percent higher torsional stiffness at a simultaneously by 70 to 1525 kilograms weight.

More prere

The so-called "aero bridge" generates contact prere via the bonnet. She directs air from the upper part of the vehicle to the flanks, where she cooperates with the so-called from the wheel houses. Second feature is "active brake cooling": this system opens at high operating temperatures air blades to brake volumes. In the f12berlinetta, carbon ceramic brakes are used and an adaptive steamer control system.

Fundamentally handled ferrari has the traditional transaxle layout where the engine is in front, but the gearbox is seated back. 54 percent of the weight are on the rear axle. The wheelbase was taped against the process and the engine and the seats in the chassis are arranged deeper.

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