Chevrolet cruze station wagon in the driving report

Chevrolet cruze station wagon in the driving report

Koln, 9. July 2012 – chevrolet currently markets the cruze with some effort: the basic model will be from 12 for a short time.275 euros offered – there are currently not even a vw polo. The sales should also be a new station wagon, which comes to the market at the end of july. For the first time, chevrolet also offers two engines from opel. We were able to try out the 1,4-turbo known from the astra wagon in the cruze station wagon.

Two new engines

Compared to the astra of group partner opel missed the cruze so far modern engines. This is now: to the existing range – two petrolers without charging with 124 and 141 hp as well as a diesel with 163 hp – now come the 1.4-liter turbo gasinine with 140 hp as well as the 1.7-liter diesel with 130 hp. Both are known from the astra. Other motors are reserved for opel, so the 120-hp version of the 1.4 turbo or the latest version of the 1.4 turbo, which provides for a short time more torque via overboost. First, the for the astra top engines such as the biturbo diesel or the two-liter turbo gasoline. Even though a chevrolet-aquivalent is currently coming out for an opel model after another, it is apparent to give differences.

Carpenter turbo gasoline

With the 1.4-liter turbo gasoline, the station wagon is pleasantly motorized. Above all, one gives you more momentum from below. The maximum torque generates ordinary 200 nm and is between 1850 and 4900 / min. After 9.5 seconds, tempo 100 is reached, the maximum speed is 200 km / h.

Compared to the 1.8-liter sucker you save on the paper a whole liter of fuel 100 kilometers. The standard consumption of the cruze station wagon 1.4 turbo amounts to 5.7 l / 100 km – also a good value in the competitive comparison. On the completed test drive, the on-board computer indicated 7.4 l / 100 km. When fuel saving, a switching point display should help in the cruze. In addition, the new engine is delivered unlike the well-known cruze engines with start-stop automatic. An electromechanical power steering also brings a little economy, as energy is only needed when steering.

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