Fashion online handler asos supersthop and other british brands

Fashion Online Handler Asos supersthop and other British brands

The british fashion online trade asos superspire the british fashion brands topshop, topman, miss selfridge and hiit for 265 million pounds (around 300 million euros) from the former retail giant arcadia. This also shows in the uk’s change to coarse online platforms in fashion trade.

Asos have already played an important role in the growth of online sales of these brands, explained the company in a message on monday. Since the new coronavirus sars cov-2 spread worldwide, they stepped up as a partner on asos root platform. This business wants to further expand this.

Without reducing the shop

Around 300 employees of companies should be supposed to be supposed and particularly integrated in the field of design, purchasing and retail partnerships. On the other hand, asos does not plan to take the shops of the brands, the dpa is called. The deal should be completed over the week.

The british department store empire arcadia has been hit hard by the corona pandemic with its retail chains and had to sign up for bankruptcy. The farms of arcadia were also exposed to some turbulence in the years before. Asos had continued to do good businesses thanks to closed shops, especially in the retail area.

Zalando and the inner town

A similar development showed 2020 in germany based on zalando. While the coarse department stores and smaller fashion retailers were heavily affected in the inner states of lockdown mails, the german online fashion hands celebrated good businesses. Zalando also relies on the cooperation with retailers or partners and also wants to further expand trade with secondhand fashion.

For the inner states, a much faster structural change is distinguished due to the coronavirus pandemic than predicted before the pandemic. Sales flakes could soon be reduced greatly because they are no longer worthwhile. Among other things, according to the treasures of the study "fashion 2030" the management consultancy kpmg could be bought in ten years the half of the fashion already bought online.

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