Small change

Small change

Stuttgart, 1. August 2014 – no, the smart has never been one of the special snappers. Nevertheless, it has made its way, the first two generations are frequently represented in the street scene. In november, the third generation now goes on sale, but this time it has a potentially tough rival. We took a look at the financial differences between the smart and the twingo.

Not poor

The basic smart fortwo model costs 10.895 euros. Things like power windows, cruise control, hill start assist, crosswind assist or central locking are standard here – frugal isn’t it, especially in this class. Manual air conditioning is not available, and automatic air conditioning costs an extra 925 euros. It is worthwhile to go for the coolaudio package for 1100 euro, which includes a simple radio with usb connection. With a few hubcaps, which daimler charges an additional 50 euros, the total is 12,045 euros.045 euros – and you have a subcompact that lacks nothing essential.

But if you take such a pragmatic approach to buying a car, you will get more or a. A similar amount for considerably less money. The basic twingo expression for 9590 euros lacks things like power windows in the front (200 euros extra) and crosswind assist. Radio, here with dab+, and air conditioning cost in the package 1290 euros. Equipped similarly as the smart fortwo, the twingo costs 11.080 euros, which is around 1000 euros less. However, the twingo can carry four people if required, while the smart forfour is available from 11.555 euros is available.

Surcharge worthwhile

In the case of the twingo, it’s worth going for the better dynamic equipment, if only because the buyer then has the option of configuring his car relatively freely. Then, for example, a coarse folding sunroof, alloy wheels or leather steering wheel are available for an additional charge, which renault refuses to include in the basic model. The twingo top model is called luxe, comes among other things with these three things ex factory and costs at least 12.590 euros. With the folding roof (990 euros), metallic paint (490 euros) and navigation system (in the package 990 euros) you end up with 15.060 euros and already gets more equipment than most customers in this class would order.

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