Twitter: id card and account checks do not help against racism and hunt

Twitter: ID card and account checks do not help against racism and hunt

An identity inspection of users had racist calls to hatred and hurt the fubball em in july "probably not prevented". At this conclusion, twitter comes to contribute to a now unavailable analysis and accounts that were released during the sports tournament on the platform or blocked. At least from the permanently blocked accounts, 99 percent of the holders could be identified. The affected members of the social network were almost invariably under their clear name.

Automated tools immediately handle

In the run-up to the em, the platform operator has developed according to its own information within the framework of its general work with the fubball horns special tarp, "to racist and abusable tweets that are against the english team" and the entire championship directed, "fast to identify and remove". After the" horrific insults against members of the english team in the night of the final" had the automated tools used "instantly" and 1622 tweets also in the 24 hours after the final "identified and removed".

The london metropolitan police had explained in the evening after the aftermath to examine the wave of racist insults on the internet. This had directed against the black players of the english fubball team after defeat against italy. Bukayo saka, marcus rashford and jadon sancho, all of them colored, had participated in the decisive penalty push. Afterwards they were massively committed to social media pages.

"Drag the responsibility to account"

At that time, the london burgermeister sadiq khan prompted the operators to loose racist content and to draw the leaders for online abuse to account. "There is absolutely no place for racism in the fubball or somewhere else", he stressed on twitter. "Those who are responsible for the disgusting online abuse we have seen must be considered to be accounted for." social media companies had to "immediately act to remove this hatred and prevent".

Overall, you have 90 percent of the tweets, which were removed in the first hours around the final for abuse, "discovered proactively", it is called in the twitter analysis. "In the following days we continued to have hurtful content as soon as they were published on the platform. Until 14. July 1961 tweets were proactively removed after the final, a total of 126 due to messages." most striking contributions have been deducted from the uk.

Majority of twitter users not racist

"We also continue to work on reducing the visibility of this type of content", underlines the provider. In fact, only two percent of tweets’ final tweets have come to more than 1000 views. Racist behavior does not reflect the views of the coarse majority of twitter users. So be the word "proud" hauffiger used the day after the final "as any other day this year". Many people had that way "your support for the english team expressed" brought.

Twitter had only recapted in may in the fight against hatred and hazy as not very appropriate verification of accounts. She has been pausing for before november 2017. At that time, among other things, it had given criticism that just the organizer of a racist demonstration had a checked account. Twitter wants to show with the signet principle that "an account of public interest is authentic".

Debate about clear namen

If you want to get the blue hakchen, you must first prove your identity about the presentation of an official id. Also an official e-mail address or link to a website of your own organization can be sufficient. According to the current guidelines, such as authorities, companies and their brands, organizations and athletes, actors and journalists apply for a verified account.

In this country, there are always calls for a statutory clear name obligation for social media and other online portals. Bundestagsprasident wolfgang schauble (cdu) for example, anonymity has repeatedly identified anonymity in the network as a problem. According to him, she brings him a stucco far and drove too "schweineren, unpackiness", that’s the way "in the real, analog world" not give. Also from the spd, there were repeated demands that service providers should identify users. Meanwhile, the party relies on a targeted "login trap".

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