Youtube premium lite: advertising videos for 7 euro a month

YouTube Premium Lite: Advertising Videos for 7 Euro a month

In several european countries, youtube offers a gantner variant of its premium subscription. Premium lite costs 7 euros per month and allows subscribers to see all the videos on the platform without advertisements. In germany premium lite can not be subscribed to currently.

Youtube premium lite is therefore 5 euro favorable as the standard variant of youtube premium, which struggles with 12 euros per month. For this, the lite version loses all the features that characterize the full-fledged premium variant: premium lite does not provide a possible way to download the videos, even the background playback on mobile advisers is missing. The music streaming service youtube music premium is also not part of the lite subscription.

Advertising freedom for 7 euros

Thus, youtube premium lite is aimed at users who have to the advertising videos states, but no need for the additional functions of the more expensive subscription model. The full-fledged premium variant of youtube is there additionally to the standard subscription as 18 euros expensive family subscription for up to 6 people from 13 years. Students get the full youtube premium also from 7 euros.

Whether it will also give youtube premium lite as a student or family subscription, is unclear. Google makes no information about whether and when the gentlere premium version will start in germany. Google’s us technical magazine the verge has only confirmed that premium lite is currently being tested in belgium, danemark, finland, luxembourg, norway, sweden and the netherlands. A subscription page to premium lite is already provided in german, you can not book the subscription.

According to the verge premium lite is currently still in an experimental phase. Accordingly, google was able to adapt the subscription prices on the basis of rejections.

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