Wirecard insolvency: boon gives up

Wirecard insolvency: Boon gives up

The insolvent financial service provider wirecard introduces its virtual credit card boon. Customers should use any existing credit or pay off, the company shared on monday. At 3. October 2020 the service is switched off. Until then, customers should deduct their credits, otherwise the provider charges.

Boon has made its users a virtual prepaid credit card from mastercard. Using an app, users were able to charge and manage credit. Lifter also came p2p payment functions. The virtual mastercard of boon also enjoyed some popular in this country because he was one of the first opportunities to use the contactless payment systems of apple and google. Spaters supported boon also payment systems of garmin, fitbit, swatch and sony.

Ie credit

The provider recommends its users, the possibly existing credit until 3. October centgenau. Possibly furnished automatic charges, boon has already disabled the information. If the credit is set to zero and all bookings are completed, the account can be closed via a switchboard in the app.

Alternatively, the company also pays the contributions on request. However, boon refers to a high utilization of the customer service representatives and therefore relies on the "self-initiative" the customer – that should therefore spend the money. The virtual credit card can also be used in online trading.

From october it costs

If you do not spend your boon account until the beginning of october, you will accept that the credit will then be consumed by bonds. "From the 04.10.In 2020, we collect a monthly fee of 2.50 € / chf on existing credit until this is used fully", shares the provider with.

The boon cards are published by the british wirecard subsidiary wirecard card solutions. In the course of the bankruptcy of the parent company wirecard ag, the british financial supervision had briefly prohibited the company to the company. In the meantime, wirecard card solutions reverts payments.

Wirecard insolvency

The banking app started at the end of october 2019 "boon.Planet" with its own checking account and debit cards, the deutsche wirecard bank is published and the information continued. The wirecard bank is not directly affected by the bankruptcy of the parent company and leads the business.

The german payment service provider wirecard had to sign up for bankruptcy at the end of june after ey’s accountants had found no proof of the existence of 1.9 billion euros, which according to the balance sheet from the so-called "third-party partners" should come from.

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