Burgerburos give ways on machines against fingerprint verification

Burgerburos give ways on machines against fingerprint verification

If you want to pick up your new id card in the burgerburo, your opening hours with his working time somehow get under a hat. In langenhagen near hannover, this has recently been different: for the first time in lower saxony, people can pick up records and papers from a machine at the town hall. "As far as we know, we are the first in lower saxony", said a spokeswoman of the city. Two comparable machines, according to your information, is in baden-wurttemberg, one in hesse – and in gottingen is a badge-automate.

Identification by fingerprint

At the end of november, the automaton had only been released, experiences as he is accepted there is not yet, explained the spokeswoman of the city of langenhagen. To apply for a new id card, people still had to come to the town hall. There they could then decide whether you pick up identity card or passport personal in the town hall or at the machine. For this purpose, a fingerprint is taken and people received a mail with a code. With the fingerprint and the code, people identified at the machine.

The coating was: in the application, the identity of the people is determined, when picking up this is no longer necessary, said the spokeswoman. The fingerprint will not be stored in the long term, but after pickup lolled. In the vending machines, the city invested according to 25.000 euro – but not the machine itself, but the safety technology.

Documents and documents

The machine has 40 small and five rough specialists – for example, for architects who wanted to deposit tarpaulins in folders. Also, employees of the city were able to return by means of automat, for example, conclusions for the fleet. But be started with evaporation, that is the simplest. Basically, it is important to expand the service for people independently of the opening times of the burgerburos – without having to make an appointment and take a vacation, the spokeswoman explained. Langenhagen paid many smaller villages in addition to the core town, where the opening times of the burgerburg buros are short. "We hope that the possibility to use many people", she said.

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