Daimler pursues several concepts for emission-free drives

Daimler pursues several concepts for emission-free drives

Malmsheim, 21. July 2009 – daimler boss dieter zetsche ordered just under a year that the way of automobile­industry ultimately to emissions­drove free cars. On the way there, there is still many open questions to give and many a path also likes to blurt. So the car makers must probably or ubel sampled many technical concepts, even if that will be expensive. In this case, mercedes can already show a lot, such as electrically powered cars as a concept vehicle or in small series as the smart. But there is also new to report from the good old internal combustion engines.

Technology in the sandwich

The concept vehicle "concept bluezero e-cell" is probably the most conspicuous thing about all the environmentally friendly mobile, which are presented to us at daimler. It is based on the current b-class, but sets other optical accents. In addition to the striking paint, a changed aub design with a closed cooler grill and transparent tailgate. The interior is also futuristic. On demand, we get the answer that the study is not a view of the new b-class. In this case, the design in the inside and the outside acts quite real estate, but much of it was too complicated in the coarse series. Where, for example, the instrument panel in the e-cell is committed to detail in detail from many parts, you will have to use a possible easy-to-use module in a production vehicle. Anyway, the highlight is located in the sandwich floor of the vehicle: the batteries are housed in this double floor. While one uses a conventional platform for the next generation of the b-class, the variants with electric drive and fuel cell will continue to have the sandwich technology.

What you want

The flexibly combined drive components have summarized the mercedes engineers in a modular modular system. For this purpose, liquid-boiled lithium-ion batteries with up to 35 kwh storage capacity as well as the compact, maximum 100 kw strong electric motor with a continuous power of 70 kw (95 hp). It develops a maximum torque of 320 nm. The acceleration to 100 km / h takes place in less than eleven seconds. In fact, the clean study attracts quite fast. The highest speed should be 150 km / h, we can walk with the single piece but only 80 km / h. In the cockpit, instead of the tachometer, a display on the retrieved power of the e motor is informed, when braking the batteries are reduced to the batteries. With a charging capacity of 15 kw, the batteries of the bluezero e-cell can save within 30 minutes of juice for 50 kilometers range. When charging on a household power socket, the loading times double. The total ranging distance of the e-cell specifies mercedes with 200 kilometers, with an additional combustion engine as a power generator should be up to 600 kilometers in it – 100 kilometers pure electricity.

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