Jeff bezos flies on 20. July into space – with its own rocket

Jeff Bezos flies on July 20 into space - with its own rocket

For the 20. July plant blue origin his first manned flight into space. Six people can be there. Two of these seats will take jeff and mark bezos. This jeff bezos betrayed on monday. He became the land of amazon.Com one of the richest people in the world and has also launched blue origin.

"Since i was five years old, i believe that to fly into space", posted jeff bezos on instagram, "on 20. July i will do this trip with my brother. The big adventure, with my best friend." mark bezos was surprised that his old brother will be with the first manned start, and even surprised, even invited to be invited to be.

The flight will take about eleven minutes and is intended to cross the internationally recognized border with space in 100 kilometers high (karman line). The phase of weightlessness should true several minutes. Six astronauts are situated in the room capsule rss first step crew capsule, which is worn by the new shepard rocket. At the end, the capsule should be connected by means of parachute "soft" land in the texan wissen. New shepard has already completed 15 unmanned flights via the karman line and access successively successively.

Erlos will be donated

A seat on the first manned space flight auctions blue origin. Bezos environment, self-flying, has gained the auction new upswind. The current highest offer has risen from $ 2.8 million by a quarter to $ 3.5 million (booth 3:30 am mesz). Online commandments are still possible until thursday. On saturday then follows the weaning live auction.

The total amount of the final highest offer is donated to the club for future donated by blue origin. This organization might inspire young generations for mint career (mathematics, computer science, science, technology). The next researcher generation should design the future life in space.

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