Eyecam: webcam ahme human eye

Should a technical device reflect its function in design? This question is computer scientists: inside the university of the saarland, and have developed a webcam that does not just look like a human eye, but his movements are realitately imitated.

"The goal of our project is not to develop a ‘better’ design for webcams, but to stimulate a discussion", says marc teyssier. The birth of french performed 2020 on the subject of anthropomorphic design in paris. "We want to draw attention to the fact that we are surrounded by perceptive rates. The question arises what that makes us."

The eyecam can imitate unconscious eye movements such as blinking or brewing a realitate. "There are different types of seeing that all have their own connotations, for example, you can look at something or only recognize or watch out and spy on", allzed marion koelle from the team. Also, the eyecam can send nonverbal signals through facial expressions. This obvious an interaction level, which did not exist in technical advice.

Mude webcam

Webcams are a potential risk for privacy. Eyecam survever this aspect and act as an observer by pursuing the user with a look. The eyecam konne is used for self-reflection by encouraging the artificial eye and ranging again and again when the user is sitting to spat at night in front of the computer. Or it could take the role of a pet that is simply there, looked up from time to time and reacted pleased when the owner enters the room.

Overall, the research group is "human computer interaction" that’s why the interaction between man and machine can be improved. These are particularly focused on controls that are modeled on the human body.

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