Medina (usa), 4. August 2014 – what for a slingshot: the polaris slingshot, which is as much as a slingshot, looks like a ktm x-bow and a morgan 3 wheeler has been united. The old idea to combine abundant performance with little weight has lost none of her charm.

Lattice frame

The polaris slingshot is powered by a 2.4-liter ecotec four-cylinder. He makes 173 hp at 6200 / min and 225 nm at 4700 / min. Over a manual funfgang gearbox is switched and the weight is 790 kilograms. The tricycle has a steel pipe frame made of steel and is driven via a carbon-consumed drive belt. As with the motorcycle, the 20-inch rear tire sits on a rocker. Front turn two 18-inch raders. Information on the performance of the slingshot does not make polaris.

Also to us?

In the "inner space" the polaris expects the two pilots an infotainment system with 4.3-inch display, jerk camera, usb port, bluetooth connection and six speakers. According to polaris, there are behind the sitting storage roofer, which are rough enough for a helmet. Since the slingshot is more motorcycle as a car, driver must have a motorcycle driver’s license and always wear a helmet. The polaris slingshot starts in the us at 19.900 dollars (about 14.900 euros). The top model slingshot sl costs 23.900 dollars. Whether the slingshot comes to germany, according to polaris is not out yet.

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