Mazda mx-30: first e-car of the brand

Mazda sets with the mx-30 on the tokyo motor show (24. October to 4. November 2019) his first battery electrical car. With a 355 volt lithium battery from 35.5 kwh fishing enhancers, it should reach a range of 200 km in the wltp. Mazda describes the body form itself as suv – and maybe you should start: with coupe-former roofing. Both individually and also in combination has been a recipe for success in the market for years.

Mazda explains in his press release that "the mazda mx-30 is one of the few electric cars as a conventionally powered vehicle ride". It really was the same way, mazda has been a coarse backrest. Electric cars are precisely damaged that their drive type is almost unobstructed to all conventional by their principle.


Stuttgart, 30. July 2014 – i had an ambivalent relationship with the x-lite x-702. On the one hand, the motorcyclist can’t help but wonder which helmets fit his head well, and the 702 was always a great fit. It was lightweight, there was a good integrated bluetooth headset (nolan n-com) if needed, and the excellent ventilation was only surpassed by the very expensive arai helmets. However, the good ventilation had the disadvantage of air being directed directly to the chin via a lockable flap. This is great, until this air contains insects or water. X-lite told me at the time that i was the only one who was bothered by this, so i am even more pleased that the current helmet generation x-802r now comes with a separator like other helmets.

Constructively x-lite lost it in a quite ubliche way: instead of the air flap auben opens the ventilation now a plastic screen, which lies in the fully opened state in the direct path of the ventilation hole. The only disadvantage: the air is opposed a little more resistance, so it blows a little weaker. The two air scoops at the top and the central inlet at the forehead remain functionally the same, but look nicer. The less windy impression is supported by the revised upholstery. It now sits much tighter, especially the entrance has been narrowed. This is exactly how it should be for the race track. X-lite has tuned the softness of the padding so that nothing presses. The kind of the cushioning may be pleased straight eyeglass wearers.

Formula 1: ross brawn leaves mercedes

Mercedes must probably do without priority of the younger formula 1 story to do without team boss ross brawn. The farewell to the british at the end of the year was decided thing, reported several media on thursday. The 59-year-olds have already conceded their decision to the employees. Apparently, brawn could not agree with the mercedes guide for team supervisory board niki lauda and mercedes motor sports director toto wolff on his art task cutting.

The mercedes representatives want to distribute the power in a team accordingly to several shoulders. Art should the early mclaren technical chef paddy lowe and wolff form a double top. The personnel conversion meets the racing team in a sensitive phase. Through the comprehensive control reform with new six-cylinder turbomotors, the coming season offers the rough chance to remove sebastian vettel’s red-bull team at the formula 1 lace. At the same time, the technology revolution also carries the risk of failing capital.