Panasonic calls teslas household batteries “marketingcoup”

Teslas presentation of new electricity batteries for households and companies in early may, the japanese electronics group panasonic calls a "marketing coup". The "powerwall" offered technology of the american electric car manufacturer tesla was not new, said a panasonic spokeswoman in the industry’s newspaper automotive week. "For three years we have already produced such storage batteries and have gross success in japan."The group wanted to go to other market with this technology" very soon ", even to europe.

Musk had the batteries, which are also to be sold to private households and companies, referred to as a revolution in the energy supply. For example, konne will be stored for a solar or wind power power for later use. When integrating the batteries into the power grid, tesla should help the hamburger okostrom provider bright spot.

Tesla just builds a fun billion dollar expensive battery factory in nevada. It is expected to produce half a million battery packs per year for the year 2020. The 43-year-old musk is known for ambitious tarpaulins.

In the first quarter, however, tesla again drove high losses. The minus was nearly $ 154.2 million, as the company had recently announced. In the same quarter of the previous year, tesla had lost $ 49.8 million. Sales grew by almost 52 percent year-on-year to 893.3 million dollars.

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