Aprilia rsv4 rr – rf

Aprilia rsv4 rr - rf

The aprilia rsv4 couldn’t get off to a worse start in 2009. At the presentation on a racetrack in italy, the new v4 engines got stuck in rows and the manufacturer hectically canceled the press event. The statement that was published afterwards that it was pre-series models and the following series models were of course absolutely reliable, did not come across very credibly. In fact, the rsv4 has been stuck with the stigma of unreliability since then and prevents sales success.

The aprilia is now perhaps the best sports motorcycle in the world on the racetrack: ultra-handy, light, stable and extremely powerful, it regularly wins the comparison tests of relevant specialist magazines. The talent is not by chance, because aprilia developed the rsv4 systematically for use in the superbike world championship and won the title twice with max biaggi and once sylvain guintoli in the saddle.

It is true that the rsv4 of the first years of construction had to visit the workshop more often than the owners liked, but aprilia has the problems under control and the evolution of the sports bike is advancing every year. A lot happened on the compact motorcycle for the 2017 model year as well. Apart from the new paintwork, it appears almost unchanged, but under the chic shell has been extensively modernized. The most important thing on the agenda in varese, of course, was the euro4 standard, as can be seen from the more voluminous exhaust. The rsv4 rr and rsv4 rf take the hurdle with flying colors, because they still maintain their full 201 hp at 13.000 rpm and maximum 115 nm at 10.500 rpm. Thanks to a more powerful control unit, the maximum speed of the v4 engine increased by 300 rpm.

Saved weight

In the new exhaust system, two lambda sensors and – as usual – a flap control in the silencer are now working. The gases are passed through an angled system up to 5000 rpm, above which the flap opens and the gases are released directly. The variable intake funnels were omitted in the intake tract – the new engine electronics made them superfluous – and saved half a kilogram of weight. The throttle valves have been converted to e-gas, so do without bowden cables, and thus reduce the weight by another 590 grams.

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