Shell wants to hold on to e10 fuel

Despite considerable sales problems, the head of the shell mineral oil group, peter voser, does not want to give up the biofuel e10 in germany. "Politicians, companies, associations and car manufacturers should do everything in their power to make e10 socially acceptable," said voser", voser told the dpa in berlin. Biofuels could help significantly reduce co2 emissions from transport in germany and worldwide. "We do it in other countries too, but in germany we were very surprised by the force of the headwinds." it’s a difficult road to convince drivers of e10, he says.

According to estimates by the german petroleum industry association, only ten percent of gasoline sold on the e10 market in germany recently – as a result, there is a threat of high penalties for non-compliance with the biofuel quota, which are to be passed on in the price of gasoline. Voser referred to very positive experiences in other countries, where such problems had not arisen. In the usa, fuel with ten percent ethanol has been the norm in many states for 30 years, and in brazil, gasoline must even contain 20 to 25 percent ethanol. In addition, there have been no problems in germany with super gasoline with five percent ethanol in recent years. That’s why the focus must now be on persuasion, for example in the area of contractualization, instead of prematurely writing off e10.

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