Driving report: maserati granturismo mc

Driving report: maserati granturismo mc

A car that is ten years on the market? In times of increasing development cycles is already worth a comment. However, we speak of the maserati gt from the emilia-romagna, where the watches go different anyway. After the maserati levante for the mass taste it is now called: back to the roots. "That’s a classic gt," says maserati. The italians look so confident that contradiction seems unthawl.

But that’s exactly considered that is a trimming of the facts. Because maserati granturismo was presented in 2007, is conceptually at least 14 years old. If you look closely, it falls up. The 4.92 meter long granturismo weighs 1873 kilograms. Intelligent lightweight construction? Material mix? There was something?

What is the neumodic stuff, the many visual carbon in the interior makes already a wonderful bella figura, says anywhere maserati fan, still a double espresso and looks full of affection on the long bonnet of the gt. The design is slightly refreshed, with the narrow led bi-xenon slots modern, adapted to the current maserati design language without negating the classic lines.

With new infotainment

Assistance systems? Totwinkelwarner? Spacer? Does not need a human, the lover replies in a tone as if he wanted to say, "are a german pedant". The gt has now a jerk camera (which is really helpful!) and a new infotainment system, which is now also apple carplay and android car. Instead of a mouse coinus, there is now an 8.4-inch tabletal touchscreen, with which the operation goes without gross complication by the hand, at least with the car standing.

In the cockpit are the numerous carbonized plastic parts in contrast to bright red-colored leather. That’s just a statement like the whole car. Who drives this maserati, a little around automobile conventions, and around the entire spab refusers in their health raffles anyway. If stort please, that the two steering wheel levers are hidden behind huge switch paddle?

Summit of anachronism

The engine is the summit of anachronism. Under the bonnet with the two coarse nurses a archaic 4.7 liter v8 sucker with 338 kw / 460 hp. Downsizing? Turbo? Hybrid? Now our imaginar conversation partner does not taste the heating potion anymore.

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