Valve steam deck: m.2 slot for ssd change in all handheld consoles

Valve Steam Deck: M.2 slot for SSD change in all handheld consoles

The mass storage in valves handheld console steam deck can not only be expanded by using a micro sd card. The company relies on an m.2 slot with pci express connection. In the two more expensive versions, this is occupied by a 512 or 256 gb of gross pcie ssd, which can be exchanged. The hook: it matches 30 mm short ssds (m.2230), which are hardly reliable in retail and relatively expensive.

In the most favorable variant for 420 euros this m is.2 slot also available, ex works but blank. Valve released 64 gb emmc memory. Who buys this version, can optionally be able to reduce a faster pcie ssd.



Medina (usa), 4. August 2014 – what for a slingshot: the polaris slingshot, which is as much as a slingshot, looks like a ktm x-bow and a morgan 3 wheeler has been united. The old idea to combine abundant performance with little weight has lost none of her charm.

Lattice frame

The polaris slingshot is powered by a 2.4-liter ecotec four-cylinder. He makes 173 hp at 6200 / min and 225 nm at 4700 / min. Over a manual funfgang gearbox is switched and the weight is 790 kilograms. The tricycle has a steel pipe frame made of steel and is driven via a carbon-consumed drive belt. As with the motorcycle, the 20-inch rear tire sits on a rocker. Front turn two 18-inch raders. Information on the performance of the slingshot does not make polaris.

Eyecam: webcam ahme human eye

Should a technical device reflect its function in design? This question is computer scientists: inside the university of the saarland, and have developed a webcam that does not just look like a human eye, but his movements are realitately imitated.

"The goal of our project is not to develop a ‘better’ design for webcams, but to stimulate a discussion", says marc teyssier. The birth of french performed 2020 on the subject of anthropomorphic design in paris. "We want to draw attention to the fact that we are surrounded by perceptive rates. The question arises what that makes us."

New top model renault twingo gt

New top model renault twingo gt

Koln, 7. June 2016 – renault present the twingo gt as a new "sporty top version" of his rear motor city car. Certainly, this spared variant finally works the driving dynamic peculiarities of the rear motor characteristic a bit out. The twingo has so far destroyed us completely in this regard.

Good driving performance will expect to expect 110 hp thickened 898 cubic centimeters of measuring gasoline engine with turbocharging. The twingo gt is exempting itself at the twin’run study, with which renault 2013 appetite wanted to make the twingo. Audience premiere is on the goodwood festival of speed of 23. To 26. June, market launch in germany in autumn.

First empirical images of the new mercedes m-class

First empirical images of the new mercedes m-class

Hair, 30. September 2009 – at the end of 2011, the next generation of mercedes m-class should come on the market. Now, erlzonige are on test drives on the way – our photographer shot first pictures. Overall, the third edition of the suv will take the basic proportions from the current model.


Charcoal form and tubing were allowed to stay approximately equal, but visually he falls slightly less powerful. Thus, compared to the procedure, the foster flights are not so highly accentuated. The boiler grille becomes narrower, at the stern could be used in the wide drawn jerk lights. When looking into the interior, above all, the redesigned center console falls on. The multifunction screen opens upwards and thus better in the field of view of the driver. The curved instrument unit also houses a tachometer and a tachometer in pipes. Numerous aluminum applications value the dashboard.

Database: redisearch 2.0 is looking for flash memory and worldwide

Database: RedISearch 2.0 is looking for flash memory and worldwide

Redis labs has after a fun-month previewphase redisearch 2.0. The release brings a complete overarched architecture that simplifies the creation of secondary indices and a global distribution. In addition, she can use the multilayer memory concept of redis on flash. The blog post promises a performance increase by a factor of 2.4 against redisearch 1.X.

Distributed worldwide

So far, the index of redisearch in the keyspace, an internal directory, stored in the redis all key. This is different in version 2.0, so that the search also works in geographically distributed databases according to the principle of active active geo distribution, which sets conflict-free replicated types (crdts). The latter avoids conflicts that can occur through changes in distributed data.

Range rover evoque sd4: fit fur

Range rover evoque sd4: fit fur

Gaydon (england), 14. April 2011 – the land rover evoque should secure his place in the segment of compact suvs. As more and more manufacturers have fallen into these cheeks, the british has designed a car that was allowed to be ahead at least in one point to the competitors. In the english gaydon we were able to try a pre-production model of the evoque.

Three or fun

Eventually the evoque has become fancy. The car to have as a coupe and funfturer is quite small with a long of 4.36 meters for range-rover conditions and comparatively easily with a curb weight of around 1700 kilograms. The roof and the hood consist of aluminum, in the instrument carrier magnesium is used, the tailgate is made entirely made of fiber-picked plastic. She still makes a stiff impression even in the pre-series car. As the equipment option, land rover for evoque offers a rough panoramic glass roof. This leaves a lot of light in the interior, but makes the car much heavier and pushes the focus upwards.

Linux distribution linux mint now offers its own chromium package

Linux Distribution Linux Mint now offers its own chromium package

Canonical puts in ubuntu increasingly on its in-house snap format. In this way, the company might offer software, which requires frequent and fast updates. In particular, the free browser chromium, which is now exclusively as a snap package. However, the linux mint makers reject snap and the associated canonical-controlled snap store. In linux mint 20, you have therefore deactivated the complete snap system standard. If you liked the package format, you must install the appropriate tools manually.

To continue to offer chromium to your users, the linux mint team now creates and maintains its own chromium package that is available in the in-house repositories. The package is available "chromium" not only under linux mint, but also in the debian gnu / linux 10-based linux mint debian edition (lmde). Although debian 10 offers its own chromium package in its repositories. However, since the browser version of the current development contained therein is slightly afterwards, the linux mint team has decided to offer its own package in the lmde.

Nsa secretly expanded the surveillance of the us burgers

According to wall street journal research, the powerful foreign intelligence agency has continued the total information awareness program stopped by congress in 2003

After 11.9. Darpa launched a comprehensive surveillance program, presumably exuberantly but carelessly calling it the total information awareness program (tia). The idea was to consolidate data from as many databases as possible and search them for suspicious patterns. It was no use to rename the project to terrorist awareness program, the congressmen went too far and they cut off the funds in september 2003).

Smart brabus ultimate 112: limited sports smart car

Smart brabus ultimate 112: limited sports smart car

Bottrop, 10. October 2007 – if there’s a fire, call 112. You don’t have to do that with this smart, but the ultimate 112 is a real heavyweight. Tuner brabus has created the limited edition model based on the smart fortwo cabrio. And even at first glance, this city sports car is as eye-catching as the fire department: the body shines in flaming pearl metallic orange special paint. The muscular body kit with front spoiler, side sills and widestar fender flares also catches the eye.

18-inch tires

There’s room in the wheel arches for 18-inch wheels with 205 tires at the front and 235 rubber at the rear. The height-adjustable threaded sports suspension is specially adapted to the ultra-flat tires and the wider track. The ultimate 112 thus offers good conditions for the powerful brabus three-cylinder turbo engine. As the name suggests, a peak output of 112 hp is available at 5750 rpm. The maximum torque of 150 newton meters is constantly available between 2800 and 4200 rpm. The 112 sprints to 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 170 km.