Documentary “colette”: an oscar for ea and facebook

documentary'colette': ein oscar fur ea und facebook'colette': ein oscar fur ea und facebook

A documentary production of electronic arts and facebook has won an oscar: the movie "colette", the resistance campferin colette marin catherine and the concentration camp federation dora won the coveted film price in the category "best documentation (short film)". It’s the first time that a production of the video game industry has won an oscar.

Documentation "colette" on youtube

Advertising becomes a work of art

Advertising is everywhere in the economy of attention

When the american comedian announced that he would not broadcast his television program "about nothing" in its ninth year, the new york times considered the news so important that it put it on its front page. Seinfeld’s show is the most popular on american television. Its demise threatens the profits of the nbc network and its owners, the giant general electric company. Just one reason why: for the last show, nbc charged $2 million for each 30-second spot.

Twitter: id card and account checks do not help against racism and hunt

Twitter: ID card and account checks do not help against racism and hunt

An identity inspection of users had racist calls to hatred and hurt the fubball em in july "probably not prevented". At this conclusion, twitter comes to contribute to a now unavailable analysis and accounts that were released during the sports tournament on the platform or blocked. At least from the permanently blocked accounts, 99 percent of the holders could be identified. The affected members of the social network were almost invariably under their clear name.

Automated tools immediately handle

In the run-up to the em, the platform operator has developed according to its own information within the framework of its general work with the fubball horns special tarp, "to racist and abusable tweets that are against the english team" and the entire championship directed, "fast to identify and remove". After the" horrific insults against members of the english team in the night of the final" had the automated tools used "instantly" and 1622 tweets also in the 24 hours after the final "identified and removed".

Krupp – a german family

In the midst of the economic crisis, zdf celebrates the krupp family of entrepreneurs

They were the arms suppliers for the emperor, the fuhrer and the republic. And because they were good businessmen, they also supplied the respective enemies of germany with their weapons. The krupp name stood for coarseness, power, wealth. But in the end, the family was so rich and their company so powerful that krupp became a problem for the young federal republic. And in the end they abolished themselves, the family business became a foundation, the krupp name went out. Just like the fires in the blast furnaces, of which there are only a few left in germany.

Ferrari f12berlinetta: new zwolfzylinder from italy

Ferrari f12berlinetta: new zwolfzylinder from italy

Maranello, 1. Marz 2012 – the new ferrari f12berlinetta lost the 599 gtb fiorano and should be the harbinger of a new generation of zwolfzylinder-ferraris. Officially presented he will be at the fair in geneva.

Short, narrower, flat, lighter

The sports car is short with 4.62 meters about four centimeters short than his process 599. Also reduced were width and high, here are the values of the f12berryleta 1.94 meters and 1.27 meters. The design of the flitzer was created in cooperation with pininfarina. The body sauber scaglietti designed for the vehicle a new chassis with spaceframe chassis and a raw body from zwolf different aluminum alloys. As a result, this should lead to a 20 percent higher torsional stiffness at a simultaneously by 70 to 1525 kilograms weight.

Klartext: criticism of pure marketing

I have been following daimler’s marketing of the new s-class with interest. Quite nuchtern had a down-to-earth handler perhaps said: "dear customer, your old s-class is running out, but you could be interested in the new version: good leasing conditions for fleets, even better traffic jam adaptive cruise control, efficient and smooth running engines, better aerodynamics, lots of wellness, check it out." because basically there are only two real usps: it is the first car without incandescent lamps, with exclusively led lights. Hm. And in the v8 version there is a stereo camera, from whose evaluation (tagsuber) the chassis is adjusted. Quite nice. Overall clean update of an existing model. But marketing can’t write that in the brochure. The s-class is the flag bearer of the mercedes-benz brand, and that is why it is sung about as if it were the resurrected christ. Business as usual. The marketing is there to sing these anthems. But the press sings the same song, and that’s why i want to be a dissenting voice. As the doctors sing: "i am against it, because you are for it."

"Vision fulfilled", is the claim of the s-class, and because "vision" is a placeholder term that can be freely used in marketing, doctor snugg… Zetsche goes into more detail about what is meant to be imagined: "in every dimension, our claim was: the best or nothing." as i said, this is only meant to be thought, this is marketing. Even for a luxury class sedan, the doctor’s slogan is meaningless for the actual machine engineering. An s-class with bionically designed, cnc-machined magnesium forged rims and a gold-leaf coated titanium body full of naked slaves would certainly be very nice, but it would be seven-digit expensive. An example is the mentioned "road surface scan" in connection with the "magic body control"a stereo camera detects incoming bumps and adjusts the chassis accordingly. That does not work for over 130 km. "The best or nothing" had to mean: we build this with a (more expensive) laser scanner. Daimler’s realpolitik on the other hand is "we build it, because something cheap was available", and in this case it was the supplier module with the stereo camera. Which will soon also be available in the passat.

The number crunchers

About ambiguities in the official poverty statistics of the world bank

Actually, it should be relatively easy to determine whether poverty in this world has increased, decreased or remained approximately the same in the last ten and twenty years. If you ask the world bank and the international monetary fund (imf), the answer is astonishing: they do not know.

E-bikes in 4.3 million households

E-bikes in 4.3 million households

The number of private households with at least one e-bike has almost tripled in the past five years, as the federal statistical office announced on monday. At the beginning of this year, there was at least one e-bike in 4.3 million households – early 2015 there were still 1.5 million households.

In 11.4 percent of german households, there is at least one e-bike. 65.6 percent had exactly one electrical bicycle, 33.1 percent two. Good one percent of households are three or more electric bicycles. Under electric bicycle or e-bike, the federal office "any form of beads with supporting electric motor drive (also pedelecs)".

New short order

New short order

Stuttgart, 12. November 2014 – the times of overview of nomenclatures are long past mercedes. Meanwhile, there is a true flood of model designations that the manufacturer wants to make something more out more in the coming year. Pretty surprisingly, mercedes also revives the traditional name maybach again.

New logic

The five core letters of the model series are retained: a, b, c, e and s. All suv models get the intent "gl", fourth coupes "cl" and roadster "sl". Example: a mercedes gle is thus a suv based on the e-class and the early mercedes ml. Analogously, a slc is a roadster c-class base, so the current slk. Only the g-class and the sl fall from the nomenclature grid.

Callstranger: universal plug-and-play vulnerability in billions of advised

Callstranger: Universal plug-and-play vulnerability in billions of advised

A security researcher has discovered a vulnerability that could abuse attackers to get access to upnp geratas (universal plug and play) from afar and without authentication. The on the name "callstranger" (cve-2020-12695) baptized vulnerability is directly in the upnp protocol and is concerned after drawing up your discoverer yunus cadırcı billion network-finger devices that respond to inquiries via upnp. Several millions of these devices are accessible via the internet.

According to information on the specially established callstranger website, the researcher informed the open connectivity foundation foundation (ocf) at the end of december at the end of december. This has on the 17th. April published an updated, secure protocol version. After comment cadırcıs, however, it was allowed to take a while for most manufacturers based on the updated upnp specification (firmware) updates have developed and deployed. There are also those (iot) cheap gates, which are fundamentally no security updates.